Gwen Stefani Gushes About Blake Shelton, Says Her Split From Gavin Rossdale Was ‘Months Of Torture’

Gwen Stefani isn’t afraid to open up about her personal life.

The singer sat down with Cosmopolitan for the September issue and revealed more details about her messy breakup with Gavin Rossdale.

Stefani was asked about how she processed the split before it was out in the open.

In response, Stefani revealed that her music helped her deal with the nasty divorce and negative publicity.

“All you have to do is listen to every single song I’ve ever written and its all there,” Stefani explained. “It’s an ongoing themes that I’ve had for a long time.”

While the music star used creative avenues to channel her emotions, she admitted that “nobody, except for my parents, the people involved, and whoever they told,” was aware of the details surrounding the split.

According to Access Hollywood, Stefani looked back at the rough times and described them as “months and months of torture.”

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“Nobody would believe it if I could really say what happened. I went through months and months of torture,” she said.

Unfortunately, Stefani did not release any more details about what went down between her and Rossdale, though many suspect infidelity caused their split.

Despite the nature of Stefani’s breakup with Rossdale, People is reporting that they are both working hard to protect their children.

While they have had their differences in the past, Stefani and Rossdale are uniting to make sure their kids’ lives remains as normal as possible.

“Gwen and Gavin are getting along fine,” an insider told the outlet. “They haven’t had any problems getting along when it comes to their boys.”

Rossdale and Stefani had three children during their marriage, including 10-year-old Kingston, 7-year-old Zuma, and 2-year-old Apollo. They finalized the divorce back in April and agreed amicably to joint custody of the three boys.

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani was able to move on with her life following the nasty split and even found a new love in Blake Shelton.

Of course, their relationship didn’t magically appear overnight. In fact, ABC News is reporting that Stefani’s romance with the country crooner started before she even knew what was happening.

“They chose to run with that story before anything was even real,” Stefani explained, referencing her time on The Voice with Shelton. “I hardly knew him. But it was like it was in the air – happening before it happened.”

For his part, Shelton is more than thrilled that Stefani chose to date him.

According to ET Online, the country singer recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared just how lucky he is to have Stefani at his side.

“I still can’t believe it,” he began. “I think that she must have some vision problems. Maybe she needs help.”

Blake Shelton Admits Gwen Stefani 'Saved His Life,' Hints At Infidelity In Miranda Lambert Marriage
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Shelton also discussed having to adjust to Stefani’s taste in music, which is very different than his own.

However, he revealed that Stefani had a harder time getting accustomed to his catalogue than he did to hers.

“She genuinely had to – outside of maybe a couple of songs I had that she had heard – she really had to start learning [from the beginning],” he explained.

“I’ve always known ‘Hey Baby,’ I didn’t know she sang that freaking song,” Shelton continued. “I’m like ‘Wow, that’s you? That’s you and we’ve kissed?'”

Stefani is touring around the country and is currently in Toronto, Canada. Despite her busy schedule, Stefani managed to tune in to Shelton’s interview and Snapchatted a pic backstage.

The couple recently took the stage together and sang “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

Fans can read the entire interview with Stefani when the September issue of Cosmopolitan is released on Aug. 9.

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