Tim Kaine Defends Hillary Clinton On Emails: Promises Transparency

Hillary Clinton’s controversial private email use has been a dark cloud throughout her campaign and vice president hopeful Tim Kaine has addressed the issue.

Kaine spoke about Clinton’s emails on NBC’s Meet the Press, saying she has learned from her mistake and will not repeat them while in the White House as president, according to CNN.

“She said it was a mistake,” Kaine said. “I am not presumptuous enough to start thinking about how I’m going to do things after November. But I know that this is something that she’s learned from, and we’re going to be real transparent, absolutely.”

Despite FBI Director James B. Comey announcing that the FBI recommended no charges, Hillary has slipped when discussing the investigation.

Hillary Clinton claimed that she never sent or received any classified material via her private email server. The Democratic nominee also claimed that FBI Director Comey said what she told the public during the campaign was all truthful. However, this is not the entirely true.

Clinton’s campaign claims that she was referring to a statement Comey made where he said that Hillary did not lie to the FBI, but the interviewer asked if Clinton ever lied to the American public.

Kaine echoed this sentiment during the Meet the Press interview stating.

“She was saying what Director Comey acknowledged to be true, that when she spoke to the FBI… the FBI thought her answers in that setting were truthful. Chris might have been asking her a different question.”

Clinton claimed that she didn’t receive any classified emails through her private server; however, the FBI director says there was indeed classified documents sent or received.

Hillary has since stated that she “may have short-circuited” when claiming the FBI director vouched for her.

Despite the Democratic nominee’s issues with trust among the American public, she is doing better than Donald Trump.

Trump has frequently said things that have no basis, such as Putin calling Obama the n-word, watching a video of an Iran payment and claiming the elections will be rigged in November without a shred of evidence.

ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted on Sunday shows that Clinton held an edge in trustworthiness over Donald J. Trump. When asked which candidate was more honest and trustworthy, 49 percent of respondents chose Hillary and 40 percent chose Trump.

This is a better performance for Hilary Clinton who had lower trustworthiness numbers earlier this year. Many political analysts believe that the FBI recommending no charges helped ease anxiety about the candidate possible facing prosecution over the private email server.

Tim Kaine stated during the interview that he is confident that Hillary Clinton will get past her trust issues with the American public.

Kaine stated that the U.S. should take an offensive approach against ISIS without Congress voting on military action against the terrorist group.

Tim Kaine also said that he will vote for Merrick Garland if given the opportunity and states that the Democrats will have to become a majority in the senate.

“But it will be the Republican majority that will be running the floor until the next senate comes in place,” he continued. “I have no idea whether they will allow the nomination to be taken up. They pledged that they won’t.”

Hillary Clinton is currently ahead in almost all polls, with the biggest lead having her 14 percent ahead of Trump.

Despite the Republican National Convention getting higher ratings, Trump did not get a bigger push than Mrs. Clinton got from the Democratic National Convention. This suggests that Trump’s strategy did not work well for him.

Trump’s feud with the Khan family has also created bipartisan backlash and many have suggested that Trump apologize.

Time will tell if Hillary Clinton can maintain her lead going into November.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]