November 14, 2017
Gigi Hadid Moves In With Zayn Malik, Bella Praises Gigi For Helping Her Get Her Big Break In Modelling

Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, are moving in together. According to News Australia, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have big plans to move into Malik's Los Angeles mansion.

Hadid and Malik briefly split during the summer after being an item for nine months, but the relationship looks stronger than ever now, and the couple seems to be ready to take it to the next level. News Australia cited sources who say that Malik gave Gigi Hadid full permission to decorate his house because she spends so much time there. The couple moved in together in Los Angeles, with Malik keeping himself busy by buying furniture and paintings for their new place. Apparently, the celebrity couple makes it a point to not be apart from each other as they enjoy each other's company so much.

Zayn Malik has also talked about his anxiety ever since pulling out of the Summertime Ball in June, revealing that he would prefer to spend his free time with his girlfriend than going out socializing at parties. Malik thinks that Hadid is one of the most intelligent people in his life, and he feels that this is one of the most important reasons why they work so well together as a couple. Apart from her personality and her intelligence, Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend work in the same field, so they understand the pressures and unique circumstances that they both work under.

Shortly after Gigi Hadid announced plans to move in with Malik, she was spotted walking around the streets of Beverly Hills. According to the Daily Mail, Gigi Hadid's glamorous outfit showed off her toned abs as she walked around the city.

Hadid looked stylish as she went out for the day wearing a black top paired with striped pants. The black top revealed her abs but the long sleeves kept her outfit modest.

In other news, Gigi Hadid's sister, Bella, works in the same industry and rumors are constantly circulating that the celebrity sisters are busy competing with each other. According to Vogue, Bella Hadid insists that she and her sister are not rivals, and they have no intention of competing with each other.

Bella recently opened up about her relationship with her sister, saying that they have been close since childhood and that they are a lot more similar than most people think.

"We have the same voice, the same mannerisms. Sometimes we'll finish each other's sentences, or we'll be the only people laughing."
Gigi Hadid said that she and her sister have always been close and that as children then loved nothing more than spending the day together riding and looking after their horses.

Rumors of their supposed competitive nature have been so fierce that it was once even suggested that Bella had died her hair so that people could more easily tell her apart from Gigi. Dispelling the rumors, Gigi Hadid's younger sister said that Gigi started modeling before she did and that her sister was instrumental in helping her get her big break in the modeling industry. She said that Gigi, who is a year older than Bella, was already in New York starting her modeling career when Bella also moved to New York to study photography. Gigi Hadid introduced her younger sister to her modeling agency, IMG, and Bella immediately started modeling.

"I was working almost every day, learning more with photographers on set than I was in school."
Gigi Hadid's Instagram feed has been giving her followers a good idea of what she has been up to during the summer. According to Yahoo!, Gigi Hadid's Instagram posts have made her a social media supermodel.

She recently posted a new bikini photo on her Instagram account, showing her on the beach wearing a pink and purple bikini. In less than 12 hours, the photo received more than one million likes.

[Photo by XPX/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]