August 7, 2016
WWE News: Bret Hart Won't Stop Bashing Seth Rollins

Last month, WWE Hall of Fame legend Bret "The Hit Man" Hart made some harsh statements towards Seth Rollins. Hart said that Rollins was a reckless and dangerous wrestler and pointed out when he broke John Cena's nose and hurt Sting so bad that the former WCW star had to retire. Rollins actually responded with respect and said he was disappointed that Hart chose him to target.

Despite Rollins refusal to join in the war of words, Hart chose to continue to bash Seth for some reason. Forbes interviewed Hart, and he just continued to rip into Rollins' wrestling style, pointing out the broken nose of Cena as the example once again.

"He [Rollins] knees him the face so hard, and so recklessly, and so dangerously. He could easily kill somebody with a knee like that to the face. It's a testimony to John Cena. A, he finished the match and b, that he didn't get a shotgun and shoot Seth Rollins when he came through the curtain."
While there was little chance that John Cena would have murdered Seth Rollins for the strike after the match, it is clear that Bret Hart is holding a major grudge for his bad luck over the years. Hart's career was ended by a sloppy and dangerous move in the ring when he wrestled for WCW.
Bret Hart was facing Bill Goldberg for the WCW world title and hit Hart with a thrust kick to the face and then hit the spear before it ended in a screw job ending. Hart finished the match and even chased Roddy Piper up the aisle after a screw job ending, but the kick from Goldberg really connected with Hart's head.

That kick that Goldberg connected with caused a major concussion to Bret Hart and ended the Hit Man's career. It was also possibly responsible for the stroke that Hart suffered a few years later, when he was riding his bike. Hart has strong feelings about wrestlers hurting each other in the ring and he has targeted Seth Rollins as a result.

Seth Rollins also accidentally injured Sting, not once but twice in the same match at SummerSlam last year with the Buckle Bomb move hurting Sting's back. Sting was making his WWE debut that year, and looked to have a nice path to an eventual match with the Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania when he got his first-ever shot at the WWE world title.

In an interview last week with CBS Atlanta, Rollins talked about injuring John Cena and also touched upon the accidental injury to Sting, which Sting himself said had Rollins almost in tears backstage after the match.


"I apologized profusely to [John Cena]. John Cena and I wrestled a million times and every once in a while you'd get a clunker in there but this one was just for some reason, I just made real contact with his face, and rearranged it pretty bad. Wrestling is as real as it gets when it comes to injuries."
That doesn't cut it with Bret Hart. While Seth Rollins has injured no less than two wrestlers in his career, Hart still claims that he never injured a wrestler in the ring once over his entire career. This ignores the fact that Bad News Brown has alleged that Hart injured him when they wrestled years ago.
The bashing of Seth Rollins also seems interesting because Bret's own brother Owen Hart almost crippled Stone Cold Steve Austin with a sloppy piledriver. It was the move that caused the WWE to ban the piledriver from almost everyone outside of Kane and The Undertaker.

However, Seth Rollins isn't the only person Hart targets in his interviews. He has blasted Goldberg many times for ending his career. He lashed out at Samoa Joe for the injury that happened in a match with Samoa Joe, a match that Hart said should force the WWE to ban the Muscle Buster. As for Owen Hart, Bret did say that he was disappointed that Owen didn't apologize to Steve Austin for the injury.

When it comes to Seth Rollins, it is likely this will continue to be a one-sided argument. Rollins admitted that he respects Hart and was just disappointed to hear the criticism. When it comes to Seth, he already apologized to John Cena for what happened and has no reason to continue to apologize for it to someone like Bret Hart.

[Image via WWE]