‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Michelle Regrets Not Saving Frank, Paulie Decides Zakiyah’s Fate, And Paul’s Loyalty Is Questioned [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 house has been full of anxiety and tension as Victor Arroyo won the Head of Household (HOH) competition on Thursday evening (July 4). If that wasn’t enough to set the stage for an emotional week, he put Michelle Meyer and Zakiyah Everette on the block. The girls fought hard for the Power of Veto (POV) but came up short, and Paulie Calafiore won. He holds the power this week, and could take one of the ladies off the block. And, let’s not forget that James has a special Big Brother power this week, too. He can nullify two votes this week, which could flip the vote on Thursday evening’s live double eviction.

Online Big Brother reports that Michelle starts to think back and pinpoint the moment she lost her edge in the game. She recalls that two weeks ago, she felt like she was in a good spot in the game. Now, she believes that she will walk out the door to meet Julie Chen if she cannot find a way to flip the house.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Michelle feels that Paulie will win the game and walk away with $500K this season. She believes that her greatest mistake was not saving Frank Eudy and being blinded by her insecurities regarding his friendship with Bridgette Dunning. Michelle plans to stir up the drama in the next few days and go out with a bang.

Big Brother Network reports that Paulie tries to explain to Zakiyah why he cannot use the POV on her this week. He tells her that she’s safe, and if he uses it, he could show his cards too early in the game.

“I don’t feel like you in danger this week. I see Michelle going home this week–100 percent.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie tells Zakiyah that the odds are in their favor this week because James has the two votes he can nullify–which guarantees they can send Michelle home on Thursday. Zakiyah worries that Paulie could be trusting James too much, but he says that he believes that “James wants Michelle gone this week” and will use his votes to ensure it happens. Paulie wonders if Paul Abrahamian is calling the shots, or if Victor is acting alone. He reassures Zakiyah that “he’s in control of the situation” and implies he’s running the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie and Corey Brooks wonder if Victor and Paul are getting too close. They predict that Paul will flip and turn on them in the next few weeks, and they need to be ready with a game plan. Apparently, Paulie thinks that’s why Paul wanted to keep Michelle badly. Corey added that Paul acted “strangely” when he suggested they get rid of Victor next.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that they decide to keep Bridgette a few more weeks because if she ever wins HOH, she’s going after Nicole Franzel, keeping more blood off their hands. They felt like Bridgette can be controlled and manipulated, which makes her valuable to them for quite some time.

Later, Paulie tells Zakiyah that he thinks that the vote to evict Michelle will be unanimous, and he is still considering using the veto this week. He worries that Michelle could have a round trip ticket and would earn her way back into the Big Brother 18 house.


Paulie explains that Nicole, Corey, James, Natalie, plus his vote are all evicting Michelle. That alone is five votes, and it is enough. Zakiyah worries that James could flip and keep her if he wants with his advantage in the game. Paulie assures her it would “never happen.”

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Paulie will use the POV? Do you think James will vote to evict Michelle this week, and use his advantage to protect Zakiyah?

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