Fire On Ann Romney’s Plane Forces Emergency Landing In Colorado

A plane carrying Ann Romney was forced to make an emergency landing in Colorado after an electrical fire filled the cabin with smoke.

The campaign plane was headed to California but was forced to land in Denver. Ann and everyone else on board were unharmed during the incident.

Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, has been posting updates about the situation on Twitter.

Saul writes: @AnnDRomney plane makes emergency landing in CO. All okay. Thank goodness … Emergency landing, apparently an electrical fire … the plane filled with smoke.”

Saul also said that Ann and Mitt talked on the phone as soon as the plane touched down in Denver.

Lt. Phil Champagne of the Denver Fire Department was able to provide a little more detail. Champagne said that a “small fire in cockpit” forced the plane to make an emergency landing.

It is unclear who was on board the plane in addition to Ann Romney.