‘NCIS’: Season 14 Looks To Return To Its Roots With New Cast Members, More Humor, And More Action

It’s going to be another month before NCIS fans can start watching Season 14 when it premieres next month. While the previous season had some bittersweet moments, the showrunners promise that the upcoming season will not be disappointing and it will have some major impact to keep the show fresh and entertaining.

A Return to Old Roots

Season 13 did have more dark moments than the previous seasons. The showrunners do want the series to return to its earlier roots, with more mysterious crimes for the NCIS team to solve, along with the characters dispensing some light-hearted humor in the mix.

“Fans will be delighted to know that the upcoming season brings back all the mystery and fun that it may had missed out during NCIS season 13. There will be some hilarious moments despite not having DiNozzo around. The show is also set to expand to more dangerous territories, and there will be more gunfights.”

Tony DiNozzo Is Not Gone Forever

One of the major highlights of NCIS last season was Agent Tony DiNozzo leaving the NCIS team. Michael Weatherly, who played the beloved character for 13 seasons, left the show on good terms and will be starring on Bull, another CBS drama that will premiere on the same night as NCIS.

While Weatherly will be busy working on his new series, this doesn’t mean that Agent DiNozzo has left the series for good. In a Dateline interview in May, 2016, Weatherly stated that he would have no problem returning to NCIS for guest appearances, if the writers want to write his character in future episodes.

“I believe in the franchise of NCIS very much. I would absolutely be open to anything and everything, including things that no one’s even thought of yet. So the long answer is yes.”

New Members to the NCIS team

While Weatherly’s departure left a hole in the cast, the showrunners hope that the new regular cast members will help bring a new energy to the show and the season. Minority Report’s Wilmer Valderrama, The Affair’s Jennifer Esposito, and BBC Doctor’s Duane Henry signed on to be part of the NCIS family over the summer.

Henry originally joined the show last season, but only as a recurring member. The British-born actor was promoted to series regular in July. Henry plays MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, a man with a blue-collar background who worked his way up to a successful career as a government agent.

Valderrama and Esposito are brand new to the NCIS cast, and hope to be the reasons for new and old fans to turn in to watch CBS’ highest-rated drama.

Valderrama plays Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, an agent who has recently returned from a deep undercover assignment. Not much is known about Torres, but any secrets he has kept during his missing years might spill out over Season 14.

Esposito plays Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. The new agent returns to the field after spending several years as a NCIS training instructor.

More Action and Explosions

While the showrunners intend on returning to the show’s formula that made it so popular, they’re not going to forget the action sequences. Expect the NCIS cast to endure more gunfights and dodge more explosions as they solve the latest cases. Valderrama talked about his first week of shooting NCIS during his appearance at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con.

“We’re at day five of shooting on the first episode. Already there’s been a couple of explosions and I shot a guy off of a motorcycle already. I am crazy.”

No Main Cast Member Is Leaving

The main cast of NCIS has endured major cast changes during its entire run, including the departures of two fan favorites, Cote de Pablo and Weatherly, over the past few seasons. It’s safe to say that the rest of the main cast signed new contracts this year, and will be a part of the CBS series for the next two seasons.

NCIS’ Season 14 premieres on September 20 on CBS.

[Image via NCIS/Twitter]