August 8, 2016
'No Man's Sky' Pre-Release Patch Detailed, Adds New Features And Bugfixes To Anticipated Game

It's been an interesting week for No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray. Though his team's game isn't technically out yet, it hasn't stopped multiple people and outlets from being able to get their hands on the extremely hyped and anticipated space exploration title.

While the game isn't out till Tuesday, the creators have been working on the obligatory "Day One Patch" that seemingly accompanies any new title in this digital era. In fact, the developers have pretty much been working on this update since the game went gold earlier this summer, after being delayed from its initial June launch. Playstation 4 players will be able to experience the fruits of Hello Games' labors starting on Tuesday, August 9, while the PC release of No Man's Sky was officially delayed to Friday, August 12. No reason was really given aside from making sure the PC version was as great as it could be.

"When we went gold five or six week ago," Sean Murray, No Man's Sky creator posted on the official No Man's Sky website, "we posted on twitter, and literally every reply was like 'hope you are going on a nice holiday!' Some of us have, but I didn't want to, not yet. I pictured myself somewhere staring out the window thinking about this game I've been working on for five years."

"In fact most of us were back here the day after we went gold, working on this update. We're already proud of what we put on a disk, but if we had time, why not continue to update it?"

The patch notes for version 1.03 to No Man's Sky are pretty extensive, detailing new features to the game, fixes and changes to planetary systems and galaxy size as a whole. Some players also complained about creature population and variety, which the patch notes also cover. Included are extensive overhauls to the player's inventory, as well as the ship inventory.

Additionally, the patch has added new content that will require users who have obtained early copies of the game to delete their current save file in order to access the new content. While they could continue to play the game, without deleting the file the benefits of the patch won't be able to take effect for the user.

The patch doesn't just add new content, but apparently ups the graphical fidelity of the title, with the patch notes claiming to have boosted the lighting, texture resolution and shadow quality. However, the Temporal Anti-aliaisng effect didn't make it in time for Monday's patch, but has been confirmed for a future update to the game.

Finally, the patch notes detail some of the plans in upcoming patches. Hello Games plans on bringing in more Minecraft-esque elements to the game by giving players the ability to build their own bases as well as own their own giant space freighters. Sean Murray also makes a point to mention that future updates of this nature are expected to be free, but this obviously doesn't rule out the possibility of DLC.

No Man's Sky is a procedurally-generated, first person space exploration game that puts the player in charge of their own destiny. Players can explore planets, galaxies, and eventually make their way to the center of the universe (which by the patch notes may be much harder to do now).

No Man's Sky has been one of the most anticipated titles since its reveal a few year ago, with the promise of the vast universe Hello Games has created being teased as potentially the largest game made in terms of explore-able area in the game, though its actual file size is small. No Man's Sky releases on August 9 on PlayStation 4, August 12 for PC.

[Image via Hello Games]