August 7, 2016
'The Last Bid': Lifetime's Storage Rental Murder Movie On LMN Inspired By True Story?

The Last Bid is a thrilling new movie that will air on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) tonight. The Lifetime movie isn't said to be a true story but reminds one of the case of Darlene Bourk.

The Last Bid, which was previously titled, Storage Locker 181, is directed by Casper Van Dien and written by Chris Lancey and Steven Palmer Peterson. It stars Alex Ashbaugh, Robyn Cohen, and Samantha Cope.

The Last Bid: Movie Synopsis

Annette and Molly are two best friends who are in need of money for an upcoming wedding, which prompts them to start their own business, buying up abandoned storage lockers with the goal of selling the contents inside. On their first bid, they win storage locker 181 and are eager to sell the items inside for cash.

It seems like the perfect idea at first. However, what the ladies don't know is that the storage locker once belonged to Dayton, a serial killer who targets rich brides so he can steal their expensive jewels.

Dayton lost the storage locker after he was convicted of car theft. Now that he is out, he stops at nothing to find the people who bought the locker. When he finally tracks down the new owners, Molly and Annette, the women realize that the storage locker was more than they bargained for. Will one of them escape and survive the deranged killer?

The Last Bid movie sounds like one intriguing thriller. However, the plot is reminiscent of a true story that happened in 1999. In that case, a woman named Maria Blackburn was planning to buy some items for a thrift store business she was launching when she won a storage locker at an auction.She was quite surprised by the contents inside, which included beautiful wedding photos of a smiling bride and groom. But, the locker also contained the dead body of a man, who turned out to be the groom in the pictures.

Darlene Bourk had missed several payments on her storage locker at Stor-King and went ballistic when she found out it was auctioned off. She frantically tried to find the owners to get the box back, but her missing husband's dead body was found before she could cover her tracks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Robert Bourk vanished in 1996. The two were no longer getting along in their marriage. The case was dramatized on an old Court TV documentary series called "Til Death Do Us Part: Storage Unit Murder." People who knew Darlene Bourk were shocked that she could commit such a crime.

In a more recent true story, Kelsey Danielle Miller disappeared from her home and was later found dead in a storage unit. The Lincoln, Nebraska, woman was murdered by her husband Kevin Michael Miller, who had struck her with a bat before shooting her and dismembering her body. Journal Star lists some of what the children observed on Thanksgiving Day before Kelsey went missing.

"About 2 a.m. Miller's 13-year-old daughter hears a loud disturbance between Kelsey and Mike, and tells police she never saw Kelsey after this. The couple's 4-year-old hears talking and hitting from the bedroom. She sees Daddy throw Mommy to the floor near the bed and down the steps outside on the deck. She says Daddy wouldn't let Mommy have the keys, so she leaves. Daddy tells her not to tell anyone about this. Later, Daddy says he was leaving the mobile home to go find their pig. When he returns, he looks very cold."
Lifetime Movie Network's The Last Bid was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, and is produced by Creative Arts Entertainment Group Inc., with distribution provided by Daro. Watch The Last Bid tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN.
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