August 7, 2016
Ruby Rose Fires Back At Critics Over Cancelled Tour Dates

When Ruby Rose isn't starring in Orange is the New Black or making a big screen appearance, she's off pursuing her other passion as a disc jockey. Recently, Rose had scheduled a 15-stop tour for the fans of her D.J. shows, but she was forced to cancel a couple of shows due to illness. Specifically, tonsillitis forced Ruby off the road and into a hospital bed. While most people would be understanding, especially considering Ms. Rose would need her voice rested and ready for her shows, there have been those who took to Twitter to blast the Orange is the New Black star for backing out of her shows. To those haters, Ruby Rose has responded with the usual boldness we have all come to expect from her.

Ruby Rose Cancels Shows Due To Tonsillitis And Stirs A Backlash

The incident which led to Ruby Rose's Twitter rant was first initiated, when Rose opened up to fans in revealing why she had chosen to cancel two of her 15 show dates. E! News reveals that, upon being diagnosed with tonsillitis and realizing that caring for the condition would require a brief respite from her tour, Ms. Rose chose to explain the situation to fans via Twitter.

"Tonsilitis and unable to fly because of the pain it's causing my ears," the Orange is the New Black Star wrote in a post. "means no more shows and I have to stay put before returning home sorry guys. I didn't even know you could get tonsillitis after like, 16."

Ruby might have cancelled her shows with no explanation offered, as some celebrities have done in the past, but she chose to be as transparent as possible and may have immediately regretted that decision. As one might expect, it wasn't long before Rose was criticized for backing out of the shows in favor of taking care of her health.

Orange Is The New Black Star Ruby Rose Fires Back At Haters

Apparently, some fans didn't get the memo. TheMirror reports that a steady stream of Twitter posts criticized Ruby Rose for not appearing at the pre-arranged events, questioning why Ms. Rose hadn't made her appearance and speculating on what might have prevented her from showing up. One fan tagged Ruby Rose in a post to let her know she was upset that Ruby never showed up at a U.K. Pride event.
"Still nothing said on social media about @RubyRose not being at #BrightonPride... Shouldn't there be an announcement so people know?"
The fan may not have expected a direct response from the celebrity, but Ms. Rose did give one.
"Announced yesterday. -- Have tonsillitis and it's also causing extreme ear pain and I've been advised I can't fly."
That was only the beginning. Ruby was understandably upset about getting so much grief for cancelling two shows out of a 15-show tour and a busy filming schedule back in Hollywood, so she followed up that response by blasting all of Twitter with her rant. She points out that her 15-stop tour, which has all been crammed into one month, comes just as she finished shooting a film with no break in between. On top of that, Ms. Rose says she's upset that anyone would even question her over something as important as taking care of tonsillitis.

"But I don't party, I've not been to one club except when playing here and I've had a 3 day vacation with childhood friends I flew out," continued Rose in consecutive tweets. ".. Where we slept, watched movies and went to the beach. I dont drink as everyone knows, I'm run down and got tonsillitis its that simple. x."

Closing off her rant with another series of tweets, Ruby explains that she's taking the time to lay it out there for her fans, not because she feels she needs to explain herself to those who continue to criticize her over cancelling the tour dates.

"Lastly, I trained hard for 3 films and continue to train hard, more than ever in my life.. I'm fit ( well before I got sick ). Thats all," tweeted Ruby Rose. "I dont care what 'people think' but I wanted to clear it up for the fans. however you should know me by now. Off socials again while I rest."

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]