August 7, 2016
Toddler, 3, Hit And Killed By Car At Her Birthday Party As She Ran In Street To Greet Her Grandfather

Jayda Handy, 3, was tragically killed at her own birthday party in Milwaukee after she ran into the street to greet her grandfather who had just arrived to the celebration. Jayda was hit and killed by the vehicle after she abruptly ran in front of the car when she saw her grandfather approaching. The family says that after the little girl was pronounced dead, they continued her birthday party as planned as they believe it is what she would have wanted.

The Daily Mail reports that a little girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is dead after a terrible accident on her birthday. The 3-year-old Jayda Handy was preparing for her birthday party celebrations when she saw her grandfather arriving. The toddler ran into the street to hug her granddad, but was hit by an oncoming car as she crossed the street.The little girl was immediately taken to a nearby children's hospital, but the medical staff were unable to save the child. Jayda was pronounced dead as her devastated family and friends sat with unopened birthday presents, birthday cake, and balloons waiting for the little girl's return. Despite Jayda's death, her birthday party went on as planned. According to Fox 6 Now, despite the horrific tragedy, the family and friends say they continued the celebration, as they believe that is what Jayda would have wanted for her big day. The family used the time to celebrate the little girl's short life and to grieve the loss of a child they say was always happy.


Jayda's father, Jaylen Handy, says that he still can't believe his daughter is gone and that it all happened so suddenly.

"It's just still unreal to me that this happened. She was just here preparing for her party all morning... She saw her granddad, she ran over there. She was just a happy baby. Always happy. Always happy. Everybody loved her... everybody is going to miss her. She had an impact on everybody."
The grieving father went on to say that the vehicle was "flying through" the neighborhood when the accident took place; however, the police say the driver is cooperating and that an initial investigation suggests the driver was driving legally, within posted speed limits, at the time of the horrific incident. The police noted that no citations have been issued and that the whole ordeal was likely a tragic accident with the driver not at fault.


The little girl's grandfather has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for his granddaughter's funeral expenses and has already raised $1,000 of his $3,000 goal.


Sadly, this is not the first time a toddler has been hit by a vehicle and killed while celebrating a birthday. Just last month, a 3-year-old little boy was hit by a vehicle driven by his uncle and killed while celebrating his birthday. The little boy, Kevin H. Kitt, Jr, was playing in his family's driveway with his baby brother when his uncle, Corey Kitt, backed over the two children. Following the accident, the uncle fled the scene as other family members called for help. The child was taken to a nearby hospital but died from his injuries. The State reports that the uncle was found by police two days after the fatal accident and taken into custody.

[Image via Jaylen Handy/Facebook]