Man In China Attacks Children With Axe: Kills 3 And Wounds 13

Man In China Attacks Children With Axe: Kills 3 And Wounds 13

A man wielding an axe burst into a day care in China and attacked the children there. The man killed three of the children and left another 13 wounded before police finally subdued him.

According to NBC News, the incident happened in China’s southern province Guangxi on Friday.

The incident was first reported in China’s official state news agency, Xinhua. Not much else is known about the incident but the children, aged between 6 and 12, were reportedly sitting down to eat lunch inside the day care when the man suddenly burst in and started swinging an axe at them. This took place at a day care center in a local Pingan county residential compound.

The children who were injured in the attack were rushed to local area hospitals. Police are still investigating the motivation behind the attack on the children.

Sadly, violence towards children is becoming more and more frequent in mainland China. In the past two years alone, a series of attacks at schools and day care centers involving lone attackers made news across the country. The series of attacks culminated with three consecutive school attacks that took place over a three-day period in 2010.

In one of the attacks, Xu Yuyuan, 47, entered a Jiangsu province school in April 2010 and stabbed 29 children and three teachers. Xu explained his motive for the attacks saying telling the court the next month that he wanted to “vent his rage against society,” and that he was angry after unsuccessful business ventures and being publicly humiliated.

The court, in order to show that they were getting tough on crime against childre, sentenced Xu to death after a half-day trial.