August 7, 2016
Lil Wayne, Christina Milian ‘Together’ Again, But Just Barely

Lil Wayne has been mourning the loss of his former in-laws while Christina Milian was traveling in Europe at the end of July for a mini performance tour. However, as it appears, Christina Milian came back to America, and was able to send her condolences to Lil Wayne in person.

Of course, Lil Wayne's main priorities are being there for his daughter and her mother in New Orleans during a devastating time. Lil Wayne's first wife, Toya Wright, was involved in a family tragedy when her brothers were killed due to gun violence.

Lil Wayne stood by Toya Wright's side to be there in person for her and their daughter, Reginae Carter, and he took the situation especially hard since Rudy Johnson was a former roommate of Lil Wayne's.

Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne's daughter, has repeatedly defended her mother's choice to be in a polyamorous relationship.
Lil Wayne spent time in New Orleans comforting his daughter, Reginae Carter, over the death of her uncles, Josh and Rudy Johnson. [Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]Despite the personal connections to his ex-wife's family, it was reported by Essence on August 5 that Lil Wayne would not attend the funeral services for his former brothers-in-law, Rudy and Josh Johnson, because he did not want to draw a "media circus."

Instead of attending the visitation and services in New Orleans, Lil Wayne was in Miami, Florida, on August 4 celebrating Mack Maine's birthday. According to Lil Wayne HQ, the event took place at the STORY nightclub, and Lil Wayne performed several of his hits for his friend.

However, Lil Wayne was not alone at the party, and it was reported that Christina Milian was standing next to him for part of the night.

For fans of Lil Wayne and Christina Milian's previous romantic relationship, the good news is that they are hanging out at the same party, according to Hollywood LIfe, but it does not mean they are back together -- yet.

Lil Wayne, Birdman have lawsuit to settle
Lil Wayne will not be able to settle his lawsuit with Universal until his lawsuit with Birdman is settled. [Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]Instead, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian were likely only saying hello at a mutual friend's birthday party, and this is not a sign or hint they are officially dating.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were a few hints dropped in the past that seemed to indicate that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian might be patching things up since their breakup in late 2015/early 2016. There were even direct statements from Christina Milian and Lil Wayne that suggested they might be interested in hooking up on occasion.

Regardless, these teases and speculation do not appear to be panning out, and Lil Wayne and Christina Milian still seem to be on hold for now.

Unfortunately, Lil Wayne might be feeling stalled about other life events as well. For example, some of the other things put on hold besides a full relationship with Christina Milian include his lawsuit with Birdman and Cash Money Records for $51 million.

Billboard also notes that Lil Wayne's lawsuit against the Universal Music Group was also temporarily halted in August because the judge wanted Lil Wayne to settle the lawsuit with Birdman first.

However, while Lil Wayne is dealing with a lot of hard luck, Christina Milian is taking off. The big news for Christina Milian in August is that she recently launched a new line with her We Are Pop Culture clothing brand -- and has plenty of bikinis.

Lil Wayne might be dealing with multiple struggles, but he keeps going to be there for his fans. For example, Lil Wayne will be performing with 2 Chainz on August 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and will also be hosting his own Lil Weezyana Fest 2 in New Orleans on August 27.

As for Christina Milian, she has not dropped any hints on social media that she is back with Lil Wayne, and continues to advertise for FOX's Rocky Horror Picture Show after a string of performances in Europe.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]