August 7, 2016
Bethenny Frankel Dishes On The 'RHONY' Season 8 Reunion — 'I Can't Believe The Lies That Happened'

Bethenny Frankel was in disbelief with all the lies her co-stars told during the Real Housewives of New York's Season 8 reunion.

Frankel opened up about the drama that went down during the reunion and called out LuAnn de Lesseps for telling the biggest lie of all.

According to People, Frankel didn't go into the details about the lies but admitted that de Lesseps made up a terrible story about her.

"This was bad. I've never had anyone accuse me of anything like that. It was bad," Frankel told fans on her podcast, B Real with Bethenny. "We can't get into what it was, but it was bad."

Carole Radziwill was Frankel's guest on the show and couldn't agree more with her assessment of how things went down.

"It's hard to sit there and just let some of the other cast say just a load of bulls**t," Radziwill stated.

'RHONY' Stars Bethenny Frankel And Carole Radziwill Spotted Filming Season 8 [Image via Bravo]
Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill [Image via Bravo]With de Lesseps lying about her past, Frankel admitted that she didn't hold anything back during the reunion. In fact, Reality Tea reports that Frankel left feeling "gross" about how things played out.
"We just had our reunion and I think I might be joining Bernie Madoff in a jail cell. I think they might come take me away in an orange jumpsuit. I definitely did not hold back on the reunion. I just felt like – this is my fourth reunion and this one more than even last year when Luann was saying such bullshit about me – I left this reunion feeling gross."
Apparently, whatever lie de Lesseps told had Frankel seeing red and left the reality star angry throughout the entire day.

Frankel went off in part because of the drama that went down during this season of RHONY.

"I definitely took some hits this season," Frankel admitted on her show. "People were messing with my business and I was definitely a pit bull. I thought I'd be calm at the reunion, but I was more of a pit bull or rottweiler."

Fortunately, it sounds like de Lesseps survived Frankel's attack without suffering too much emotional damage. Apparently, she just sat there and took in everything Frankel had to say without letting things devolve into a shouting match.

'RHONY' Star LuAnn De Lesseps Ready To Call Off Her Wedding? Her Fiancé Admits To Actions He 'Deeply Regrets' [Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]
LuAnn de Lesseps [Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]As far as Bethenny Frankel is concerned, she still doesn't care about what de Lesseps does in her personal life, but appreciates when she owns up to her actions.

How did the other ladies act during the drama-filled reunion?

"Sonja [Morgan] was Sonja with a side of sanity," Frankel shared. "Ramona [Singer] was just Ramona; she's fine. Dorinda [Medley] did well and got away with a little bit of murder in my opinion."

Speaking of Morgan, Movie News Guide is reporting that Frankel made a few jabs at Morgan during the show.

In particular, Frankel told a caller that Morgan was probably in Thailand at the moment, "or one of those places that people in bankruptcy go often."

As fans will recall, Morgan and Frankel are currently at odds with each other over their competing business ventures.

While Morgan is trying to successfuly launch her own line of cocktails, Frankel accused her of stealing her Skinnygirl franchise name.

Their feud even reached a point where Frankel thought Morgan might sue her, and even contemplated leaving the series.

'RHONY' Star Sonja Morgan Will Not Back Down In Her Booze Battle With Bethenny Frankel — Here Comes Tipsy Girl The Restaurant [Image via Bravo]
Sonja Morgan [Image via Bravo]Fortunately, it doesn't sound like Frankel and Morgan got into a fight during the reunion, despite the former's tirade.

Fans can watch Frankel in action when new episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday night on Bravo.

Bethenny Frankel's show, B Real with Bethenny, also premieres Wednesdays night on SiriusXM Radio following the reality show.

[Image via Bravo]