Ann Romney’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Denver

6:45 pm UPDATE – The candidate and his wife spoke shortly after she arrived safely on the ground, according to campaign press aid Rick Gurka’s statements to Reuters. Press secretary Andrea Saul posted in a tweet that the smoke in the cabin was indeed caused by an electrical fire, as earlier reported. Ann Romney was on the way to Los Angeles when the fire reportedly occurred. Her husband was already in the city for an event.

Saul added this in her Twitter post:

“All OK thank goodness.”

Excerpt from a recorded conversation between the Canadair Challenger 600 regional jet pilot and the Denver International flight tower published by ABC News:

“We have an electrical issue here and we are going to declare an emergency. We’ll probably need assistance here. We got smoke in the cabin.”

Spokeswoman Sarah Haley, who was also onboard Tweeted:

“A huge thank you to the crew and first responders for keeping us safe today. Don’t need any caffeine to wake me up now. “

A plane carrying Ann Romney made an emergency landing in Colorado after the cabin filled with smoke. A Fox breaking news reports notes that all aboard are reportedly fine. Mitt Romney’s wife was in Omaha earlier today for a fundraising event. A statement from a campaign aid stated the plane landed in Denver after what appears to have been an electrical fire.

ABC News reports that fire trucks surrounded Ann Romney’s plane after it touched down. Members of the press do not travel with the Republican presidential candidate’s wife, but she is typically accompanied by a staffer, a make-up artist and two Secret Service agents.

More information about the emergency landing will be posted once it becomes available.