Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Still Marrying Egor Tarabasov, Lohan’s Father Says She Was Photographed ‘Cleaning,’ Not Drinking

Lindsay Lohan still wants to be Mrs. Tarabasov, despite their recent fights. According to Hollywood Life, Lindsay Lohan is still head over hills for Egor Tarabasov and wants to marry her estranged fiancé.

While she reportedly does believe that he cheated on her, and has said so publicly, the Mean Girls actress still wants to work things out.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly told her friends that she and her fiancé are still engaged and that their explosive fight was just that — a fight, not the end of the relationship. Hollywood Life cited sources close to Lindsay Lohan who stated that, while the singer wants to work out her relationship with her fiancé, her friends are not convinced that she is going to get what she wants. Egor allegedly has anger-management issues, but Lindsay continues defending his behavior.

Another factor that will determine whether their engagement will continue is whether Egor still actually wants to get married to Lindsay after the recent disagreements within their relationship.

To add to the mystery, Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Porto Cervo, Italy, on July 29 without her engagement ring. The Mean Girls actress was out shopping with her best friend, Hofit Golan, and her hand was noticeably bare during their day out. Interestingly, one of the stops on the pair’s shopping trip was the Swiss jewelers Chopard, where Lindsay reportedly picked up a new diamond ring.

On the same day that Lindsay was spotted without her engagement ring, the Russian millionaire was spotted partying the night away in London. According to reports, one of the main sources of disagreement between the celebrity couple is Egor’s habit of staying out all night partying with his friends, and it is also thought that the millionaire’s parents are putting pressure on him to call off the engagement.

In other news, photos of Lohan taken on a yacht brought up the question of her continued sobriety. Despite recent photos showing Lindsay Lohan drinking and smoking aboard a yacht in Italy, her father Michael says that she has not relapsed, according to Complex.

The Scary Movie 5 actress’s father insists that he knows Lindsay is still sober as he has recently spoken to her, and is confident that she has been sober for at least two years.

“I know she’s sober. I spoke to her and I know she’s sober. She’s been sober for two years.”

At this point in her career, her father said that he is used to the “opportunistic” media’s attempts to drag Lindsay through the mud. Lindsay Lohan’s father spoke about his daughter’s sobriety and the media, saying that “people are opportunists” and that they stalk his daughter, waiting for her to pick up a beer can or a bottle of wine before trying to take her photo and sell it. The singer’s father insists that most of the time his daughter is simply “cleaning.”

“She could be cleaning or picking up a beer can and some opportunist could photograph her and sell the photos… If Lindsay’s cleaning the house and picking up bottles of wine, someone would take a photo and sell it. Just because you see a bottle in her hand doesn’t mean she’s drinking.”

Lindsay Lohan’s father also previously claimed that his famous daughter was pregnant, but the rumor was later shut down by Hofit Golan, a close friend of Lindsay Lohan.

To add to the awkwardness currently surrounding the singer, Lindsay Lohan also recently posted an awkward tribute to the victims of a tragic event. According to News Australia, Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to express her feelings on the devastating Nice terror attacks, strangely accompanying the post with a sultry lingerie-clad image of herself.

The bizarre picture was captioned by Lohan asking everyone to pray for the ones they lose every day and appreciate the people they still have in their lives. The picture came just days after Mischa Barton posted a similarly bizarre photo of herself on a yacht drinking champagne while wearing a bikini, accompanied by a heartfelt message on gun control.

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