'Suicide Squad's Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, And Cast Attacks Film Differently

Critics thought Suicide Squad was bad, but what's worse is that the cast doesn't look too happy, either.

After months of hype and excitement, Suicide Squad hits the theaters and instead of standing ovations and hoorahs, Suicide Squadreceived mass depression.

[Warning: Please tread on with caution as we might spoil some details for you.]

Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal goes as far as to say the following.

"In a word, Suicide Squad is trash. In two words, it's ugly trash. Maybe no more words should be wasted on a movie that is, after all, only a movie, not a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. Still, movies contribute to the collective awareness. They can color the way we feel about the life around us. This one deserves further attention by virtue of its exceptional cynicism and startling ineptitude. Suicide Squad amounts to an all-out attack on the whole idea of entertainment."
Yes, a lot of people have been disappointed by Suicide Squad, especially after all the trouble the studio went through to market the film. It opened to big numbers in the theaters, but was every penny spent by the moviegoer worth it? The lack in character development, the overall progression of the plot, and the lack of comic timing dragged the whole public perception of Suicide Squad down terribly. The critics have been so aggressively disappointed that a movement to shut down review site Rotten Tomatoes has even been launched.Of course, the actors and the people behind Suicide Squad will have their own takes on both the entirety of the finished film and the comments of fans. Suicide Squad director David Ayer defended Suicide Squad, saying it was made for fans and movie junkies.
"I made the movie for real people who live in the real world. I made the movie for people who actually love movies and go and see movies."
Other Suicide Squad characters follow the lead argument set by the director, saying that the film was really created for comic book fans. Jay Hernandez, Suicide Squad's pyromaniac El Diablo, tells Digital Spy the following.
"Yeah I am bothered about it, I think it sucks, obviously we worked hard and tried to give the fans what they wanted...If you're trying to portray that on a film, you have to stay true to that, because if you don't, the fans of the comics are going to be offended."
Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, agrees just as much and admits that while the whole cast would love some love from the critics, at the end of the day, it's all about if the fans loved watching the movie.
"You know, of course you want critical acclaim, of course, but what matters is what the fans think. We're really proud of this film, we loved making it, everybody on the film has become really close friends and this is like a work of love and I hope the fans like it."
Cara Delevingne is just as hurt with what critics are spewing. She tells Reuters the following.
"The critics have been absolutely horrific. They're really, really horrible. You know, I just don't think they like superhero movies. It doesn't really matter what the critics say at the end of the day, it's the fans that we made this movie for."
The reactions of the cast to protect Suicide Squad are only expected since they have contributed to the entirety of the movie. But what's more interesting is that two of the people who been so instrumental to the hype of SuicideSquad do not seem to be defending the movie as aggressively as the others are doing.

One of these two is Jared Leto, who played the new Joker in Suicide Squad. It seems that a whole lot of the scenes that Jared Leto that he would have loved to see in the movie did not make it into the final cut. Is Jared upset about this? He tells IGN the following

"Were there any that didn't get cut? I'm asking you, were there any that didn't get cut? There were so many scenes that got cut from the movie, I couldn't even start. I think that the Joker… we did a lot of experimentation on the set, we explored a lot. There's so much that we shot that's not in the film."
Jared Leto's Joker was one of the biggest antagonists that should have been in Suicide Squad, and everyone's disappointed that he didn't make too much an appearance in the film. Will we see an extended cut version of Suicide Squad to arrive in Blu-Ray? We sure hope so. More Joker and Harley Quinn and maybe less of everyone else.Margot Robbie, too, was not as in our face as the others. Apart from this Instagram post, she has not said anything else regarding the movie and the negative feedback it's receiving.Have you watched Suicide Squad? Are you a critic or a fan? Let us know in the comments section below.