‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: ‘Queen’ Zakiyah Wants ‘King’ Paulie To Prove His Loyalty, James Throws Natalie Under The Bus, Corey Uses Anti-Gay Slur [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 house is never a drama-free zone, which was demonstrated on Saturday when live feeds featured Zakiyah talking coyly to Paulie about her safety as he complemented her with chess metaphors, James spilling details about Natalie’s game, and Corey using a particularly offensive word after a prank.

It should be noted that Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers have revealed the week 7 Head of Household (HOH) to be Victor, who nominated Zakiyah and Michelle for eviction. The Power of Veto (POV) challenge was also held and Paulie won the shiny gold medallion.

Because the current POV holder, Paulie, is in an on-again-off-again showmance with Zakiyah, she was nothing less than ecstatic when he was victorious in the challenge. In her mind, Paulie would suddenly become her knight in shining armor and rescue her from the dreaded chopping block. But, alas, Paulie seemed to set aside their showmance, affectionately nicknamed “Zaulie,” as other plans were afoot.

According to Joker’s Updates, at about 1:59 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Zakiyah asked Paulie in a “baby voice” whether he was going to use the POV to save her from possible eviction. Paulie evaded the question and responded with, “It doesn’t matter, you know who’s going home. Even if I don’t use it, you’re not going home …”

Paulie emphasized to Zakiyah that if he believed she was truly in danger of being sent to the Big Brother 18 jury, he wouldn’t hesitate to use the POV on her, TV Grapevine reports. Paulie added that James has the ability to make two votes null and void because he was the recipient of this week’s America’s Care Package.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, America was given the responsibility of showering a few choice houseguests with various advantages in the form of five care packages, with the caveat that each player can only receive one care package and no more.

Natalie received the first, which deemed she never has to be a Have Not for the duration of the Big Brother 18 game.

James received the second care package, which allows him to eliminate two eviction votes for the following week’s eviction.

Paulie assured Zakiyah he would convince James to use his advantage and she asked him, taking off her glasses and looking down sadly, “Were you going to tell me that at some point?” according to Joker’s Updates.

Casually, Paulie replied, “Yeah, maybe tomorrow… You know how I like to relax on Saturday.” Joker’s Updates reports Paulie added, “If the Queen was in any danger, the King would have to make a move and sometimes, in the game of chess, you have to bait people in by leaving the Queen out, and see what people do.”

In other Big Brother 18 house activity, James inadvertently threw his showmance partner, Natalie, under the bus at around 3:19 a.m., when he revealed to Paulie and apparently Corey – unprovoked, according to Joker’s Updates – that Natalie was onto the all-male alliance and swears that one exists.

Possibly realizing what he had done, James then agreed to do whatever Paulie wanted with the care package advantage. Paulie told James to eliminate Paul’s vote, because Paulie believes Paul will choose to evict Zakiyah over Michelle. James conceded to Paulie’s whims, making it clear Paulie is the true recipient of the second care package.

Earlier, at around 2 a.m., a prank was being played in the Big Brother 18 storage room that resulted in Corey using an anti-gay epithet, according to Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers.

TV Grapevine reports the incident that sparked Corey’s outburst involved Nicole hiding behind a trash can with James assisting her. James called Corey into the room, and as Corey walked in, Nicole kicked the trash can, causing it to fly “across the room toward Corey.” He jumped out of fright, and James proclaimed, “You should have seen your face!” As Nicole and James, presumably out of earshot, walked out of the storage room, Corey responded with the anti-gay “F” word.

This type of verbiage was reportedly at issue prior to Corey’s entry into the Big Brother 18 house. According to Hollywood Life, in a series of past tweets, now apparently deleted, Corey unfortunately used some anti-gay slurs while interacting with another Twitter user who praised the film, The Notebook.

It is unclear whether Big Brother will have any response regarding the matter.

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