‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Video Offers Sneak Peek At ‘Savage’ Season 2 Return [Video]

Just days ago, AMC released a Fear the Walking Dead featurette that gives fans a glimpse into what can be expected of the series when the second half of Season 2 returns to the airwaves in only two weeks on August 21.

The new video includes Fear the Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and various cast members from the show talking about what to expect from the series upon its return, interspersed with clips that demonstrate how raw and brutal the second half of the season will be.

This should be no surprise since showrunner Robert Kirkman recently hinted at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con the survivors lives will become much more difficult as the world continues to change and becomes even “more savage moving forward,” according to Soap Opera Spy.

In the Fear the Walking Dead Season 2A finale, it appeared Daniel (Ruben Blades) was killed in a blaze, although viewers did not actually see him die. This probably bodes well for Daniel, as in the universe of The Walking Dead, the show from which Fear the Walking Dead was spun, fans will recall beloved character Glenn (Steven Yeun) was presumed dead at one point after being surrounded by walkers, but Kirkman obviously had other plans for him.

Great debate ensued about Glenn’s demise, even though Steven Yeun’s name had been removed from the credits.

As it turned out, Glenn’s fate was not resolved for several episodes, until it was finally revealed he found safety under a large trash receptacle. Thus, the Steven Yeun credit removal was a rouse, so there is hope for Daniel yet.

Also during the show’s mid-season finale, many in the main group became separated after chaos erupted and all were forced to escape the confines of the supposed Mexican safe haven Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) had guided them to.

According to Cinema Blend, the main characters we’ve grown to know, and sometimes love, are in three groups, with the largest being Madison (Kim Dickens), her daughter Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Care), Daniel’s daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and Strand.

They are in a pickup truck which painfully drove off to escape death as Madison desperately tried to coax her son Nick (Frank Dillane) to join them. Instead, Nick chose to smear walker blood all over himself and stumble along undetected with the rest of the undead hoard, although he is very much alive.

The second group of survivors consists of Travis (Cliff Curtis), Madison’s boyfriend, and his disturbed and unstable son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). Cinema Blend reports they are “on their own adventure” with Chris “slowly ascending into madness.” It should be noted that in the Season 2A finale, Chris was apparently gearing up to murder Madison and maybe even Alicia as they slept.

Nick, the final survivor of this group, is a lone wolf when Fear the Walking Dead returns, relating greatly to the new world around him. Presumably, this is because, as viewers learned in Season 1 of the series, Nick was a drug addict and never felt comfortable in his own skin without being high.

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When the apocalypse began, Nick made mention to his mother, Madison, that the world now feels relatable and normal to him as it never did before. Cinema Blend notes it appears Nick will be “introduced to a significantly large group of survivors, whose politics he’s sure to interfere with.”

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According to io9, ethics and beliefs about the walker or zombie affliction will be blurred after Nick becomes part of a “pro-zombie” group that believes being one of the undead is a blessing because it offers some sort of eternal existence, however unpleasant that may be. When the Season 2B trailer of Fear the Walking Dead was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con just weeks ago, it depicted someone sacrificing himself to the “zombie hoard” in a “ritual or ceremony,” io9 reports.

When and if our main group of characters comes together this season, or ever, remains to be seen, but from the Fear the Walking Dead featurette video it is clear Kirkman was spot on about the savagery to come.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, August 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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