Briana Calls For Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson ‘Larry’ Shippers To Be Jailed, Louis Follows Beyonce, Mariah Carey In Getting Wendy Williams Slating

Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth has apparently called for Larries — One Direction fans who believe Harry Styles and Louis are secretly in love — to be jailed. Meanwhile, talk show host Wendy Williams has revealed some details about the Louis Tomlinson/Briana custody battle on her program, and the upfront talk show queen never holds back — she has dissed Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Tupac, Caitlyn Jenner and a slew of other famous people on her show The Wendy Williams Show.

#LarriesAreGoingToJailParty started trending today after fans reported that Briana Jungwirth told somebody she would like to send all Larries to jail.

The “Larry” cohort of One Direction fans have been a source of hurt and trouble to Briana ever since she became pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s child. Louis’ ex was attacked on social media, and Larries accused the Californian of hauling around a baby carrier with a doll inside it, of being in cahoots with Louis’ bosses at Syco and Modest Management, of cooperating with the evil PR gurus responsible for keeping Harry Styles and Louis in the closet, and of posting photoshopped photographs of baby Freddie Reign, according to Yahoo Celebrity.

“Eagle-eyed fans noticed that not only did the baby’s feet and legs seem strangely stiff, the fingers on his right hand were in the exact same position as they have been in three other photos that have been taken from this angle, or similar.”

Today’s comment that Larries should be jailed drew a variety of responses. Some fans called Briana “dumb” and asked how on Earth this can happen when there are so many Larries all scattered around the world?

One person wrote “Is Briana that dumb? How can she send all larries in jail? They’re all around the world,” alongside a picture of Zayn Malik with a quizzical and faintly contemptuous look on his face.

Another person used a grid of shots of Niall Horan erupting in mirth, saying that this was their reaction to hearing about Briana’s jail remarks.

Briana’s supporters argued that the hate and abuse the young mother has received merely for getting involved with Louis Tomlinson is indeed disturbing, if not criminal.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson got a mention on the Wendy Williams Show today. The talk show hostess made some pointed remarks about Briana’s life prior to getting involved in Louis, and Briana’s much-improved financial situation since becoming a mother to Freddie.

Wendy apparently stated that Briana worked as a bar girl in a nightclub, Bootsy Bellows, prior to getting involved with Louis Tomlinson. These days, Briana is aiming to pull a much fatter paycheck, reportedly asking for 600K in custody per year from Louis Tomlinson, if Wendy Williams is to be believed.

The straight-talking commentator has made controversial remarks about a variety of celebrities in the past, according to The Wrap.

Williams hosted a curse-filled interview with the late Whitney Houston — their talk mainly consisted of “Houston cursing Williams out after she kept asking about her drug problem.”

Williams also made a claim that late rapper Tupac was raped in jail. This so annoyed the hip-hop figure that he came back with some lines of his own, mocking Wendy Williams’ weight in one of his tracks.

Williams has also angered Mariah Carey by accusing the singer of being “fragile,” and Beyonce by stating that Bey is dim-witted and steals choreography. Wendy also made an enemy of Caitlyn Jenner by mocking the erstwhile Bruce Jenner while he was still in the process of transitioning to being a woman. Wendy ridiculed Bruce for wearing nail polish.

Wendy has spoken about Louis Tomlinson previously on her show. Wendy spoke about how Harry Styles is very recognizable due to his hair, and botched Louis Tomlinson’s age several times while she was speaking.

The controversial talk show host called Louis and Briana’s baby an “oops baby.” Williams also mentioned a rumor that Tomlinson bought Jungwirth a $10 million mansion, and speculated that the couple could still fall in love.

“Don’t tell Freddie but Freddie is one of those ‘oops’ babies.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]