‘Texts From Mitt Romney’ Becomes Newest Meme Sensation

Mitt Romney has said some pretty stupid things during the current election cycle and now his philosophies on the poor, middle class and as he said “47 percent of American’s” has been turned into the internet’s newest Meme sensation known as ‘Texts From Mitt Romney.’

The texts were first posted by Nick Douglas of Slacktory and while they are fictitious in nature the comments made are largely funny because they do match Romney’s uncalled for and rather rude comments of late.

While the new meme doesn’t offer the same hilarious visual posts found in the ‘Texts From Hillary’ meme it does still ring true for a lot of American’s, my guess is 47% of those who read the posts will find them to be both hilarious and eerily correct in their assessment of Romney’s views.

Unlike Hilary Clinton’s meme which focused on what appeared to be her bored demeanor while answer text messages, the Romney meme is more straight forward and focuses rather cleverly on modern day issues and the focus that has been placed on them by Mitt Romney.

What might be most amazing is that this meme took so long to begin. From tying his dog to the roof of his family car to attacks against women there is literally a ton of available topics to write meme’s around.

Here’s one example of the ‘Texts From Mitt Romney’ meme:

Mitt Romney Text Meme Picture

And a second Text From Mitt Romney:

Romney Meme Texting

Are you a fan of the Text From Mitt Romney meme? Let’s have some fun and have everyone post their own version of the meme in our comments section.