Bret Hart Criticizes Seth Rollins For Ending Sting’s Career At ‘Night Of Champions’

WWE legend Bret Hart has been very critical of Seth Rollins over the last couple of months. First, he criticized Rollins for breaking John Cena’s nose during a match on Monday Night Raw, and now, in an interview with Forbes, the WWE legend criticized Rollins for ending Sting’s career at Night of Champions last year.

Bret said that Rollins was reckless and careless with Sting during their match last fall, when he should have been a lot more careful with him. Of course, the move that ended Sting’s career is a move that Rollins uses on a regular basis, and he hasn’t hurt anyone else with it.

“Seth Rollins, I saw him hurt Cena and it wasn’t even a week, ten days later that he was so rough or hard on Sting. He did things to a guy that kind of ended his career a lot faster. It was a little bit of a disrespect to a guy that you need to take care of him in the ring.”

Sting suffered a pretty severe spinal injury during his match with Seth Rollins. It was so bad that Sting was told that he was lucky to be walking after the match. It was later revealed that Sting was suffering from a condition known as spinal stenosis, which has ended the career of multiple WWE superstars, most notably Edge, who was forced to retire in his mid-30s.

Bret also compared Sting’s career-ending situation to his own back in 2000, when Bill Goldberg kicked him in the head and gave him a career-ending concussion. He has wrestled since, but they’ve all been matches where he didn’t have to take a bump. He compared Rollins to Goldberg, adding that there’s no room for errors like that when you’re in the ring.

The WWE Hall of Famer also said that Seth Rollins could have killed John Cena when he delivered the flying knee to the 15-time WWE world heavyweight champion’s face. He also suggested that guys like Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Wade Barrett were safer and more talented than Rollins, but for whatever reason, WWE overlooked them.

Shortly after his return from injury, Seth Rollins appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, and he responded to Bret Hart’s criticism, saying that it hurt his feelings because he used to look up to Bret when he was growing up. As of this writing, Rollins hasn’t responded to Bret’s latest comments, but he probably will at some point in the near future.

Bret Hart clearly takes pride in the fact that he was one of the safest wrestlers in the ring during his long career. He claims that he never injured anyone at any point during his in-ring career. Also, his career was ended because of a mistake in the ring, so it’s easy to see why he doesn’t like seeing someone being injured due to carelessness during a match.

The Hitman has been very critical of WWE as of late, saying things like “Triple H could never lace up my f***ing boots in the ring.” However, it does seem that his relationship with WWE is a good one, even though he seems to be displeased with some of their decision making, and with some of the people making those decisions.

It’s been a little over six years since Bret Hart has returned to WWE, and the relationship between the two sides has been good during that time. It’s probably safe to assume that Bret will be with WWE for the rest of his life, no matter how critical he is of the company and its stars, and at some point, WWE may even try to put together a Seth Rollins/Bret Hart face-to-face confrontation.

[Image via WWE]