‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’ News: Frankie Grande Called Fake, Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Gets Defensive, Aubrey O’Day Calls Fellow Houseguest A ‘Disease’

In Saturday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, the American cast members were featured prominently, as Frankie Grande was called “false” or fake, Renee Graziano stood up for Aubrey O’Day, and Aubrey informed Big Brother she dislikes one of her U.K. housemates immensely.

It all kicked off after Friday’s eviction, which saw U.K. cast member Grant Bovey sent home. Subsequent to that, houseguests were instructed by Big Brother to choose one of their fellow cast mates to damn to eternal nomination. This meant, whoever was chosen would automatically be up for eviction every week and perpetually be at risk for getting booted from the game.

U.K. reality star Stephen Bear, who’s caused a majority of the upset and drama in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house, was given the designation. He claimed he really didn’t care, but made sure to let the others know his behavior will become much worse as a result of their votes.

Frankie was one of the houseguests that voted for Bear to be cursed with eternal nomination and after the vote, attempted to approach Bear to explain his reasons behind his choice. Bear was having none of it, waving his finger at Frankie and loudly proclaiming, “Don’t touch me.” Frankie asked, “Do you understand why?” referring to his vote, but then noted, “I’m not going to touch you.”

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Bear told everyone who voted for him to be cursed with Big Brother’s devious twist not to speak to him, including Frankie. Nevertheless, Frankie was persistent, but when he got too close to Bear, the U.K. reality star lightly pushed Frankie back, telling him to respect his personal space.

When Bear again told those in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house that all who voted for him should stay away for the duration of his time he’s in game, Frankie jokingly asked, “Does it work both ways?” When Bear answered, “Yes,” Frankie queried, “Do you promise?”

Bear approached Frankie, who said, “I love you as a person,” but added Bear made him feel extremely uncomfortable the other day with his aggressive antics in the house. Bear responded by implying Frankie was being fake, saying, “You’re false. You’re very false,” adding, “I feel honored that you see me as a threat.”

Later in the episode, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, confronted Bear about his vote during the eternal nomination meeting. Bear voted for singer Aubrey O’Day – who he periodically calls Audrey – and apparently drew a derogatory image on the whiteboard he used to place his vote. Renee was offended by this and wanted to make sure Bear knew it.

Renee said she understood houseguests were told to vote, which was fine, but noted, drawing a rude picture was crossing the line. Bear defended his actions, saying Aubrey, “Poisons minds” in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house.

Renee explained as much to Bear.

“My problem is not with who you chose, it’s the picture you drew… that’s the problem for me. That’s not polite, that’s not respectful to a woman, Bear.”

Aubrey joined the group and Bear eventually apologized to her if any offense was taken, noting the image was of male genitalia. Bear said, “I thought it was funny… I made a joke of it.” Renee still felt Bear’s actions were wrong, and said, “Back at home… listen to me, nobody be [expletive] walking after that word.”

This is not the first issue Aubrey and Bear have had with one another. In fact, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Aubrey received a formal warning from Big Brother last week after spitting in Bear’s food during a shopping task. He didn’t seem highly upset about it, but in the Diary Room he told Big Brother he would nominate her for eviction every week in retaliation.

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Just a day after the initial stomach-churning incident, while in the kitchen area, Bear asked Aubrey to spit in his mouth, as previously covered by the Inquisitr. After a bit of prodding and with his mouth open wide, Bear convinced Aubrey to do the deed, which was difficult to watch.

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Later in Saturday’s episode, Aubrey entered the Celebrity Big Brother 18 Diary Room and asked Big Brother, “Can I just go on a rant?”

Aubrey proceeded to call Bear a bully that most housemates fear and she believes he is incapable of human compassion. She said those houseguests who are afraid of Bear are kissing up to him even though they voted for him to be given perpetual nominations.

Aubrey added, she is “so turned off by all the fakeness” and wishes cast members would say what they feel, including Bear’s “a disease and needs to get out of this house. Period.”

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