‘Gimme More!’ Fans Upset Over Britney Spears’ ‘Make Me’ Music Video

Britney Spears’ sexy new music video for “Make Me” is finally out, but it’s not the sexy version that fans have been waiting for. On Friday, Aug. 5, the pop princess dropped the video just months after releasing the lead single off her upcoming album, Glory.

The music video stars Britney Spears and her gal pals as they ogle men during a “casting call.” Spears also shows off her enviable abs and toned body in a variety of sexy outfits, including lacy lingerie. Then, Spears finally picks one of the men and the two have sex in a bedroom nearby with her friends watching on the live footage, according to People.

Check out the new music video below.

Although the video is very steamy, it’s not the sexy version that fans wanted. In fact, Spears’ fans are not too happy with the outcome of the video. They were hoping to get a male-centric version instead of the female-empowered video they were given.

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A few months ago, Spears took to Instagram to tease the behind-the-scenes look at her new music video. In one of the photos, the lucky singer is surrounded by a group of men as she wears a black barely-there bikini. The original video for “Make Me” was apparently shot by David LaChapelle, who’s known for his controversial and cutting-edge music videos and photo shoots.

It included scenes of Spears dancing in a cage with just red glitter covering her body, similar to her nearly-naked look in her music video for “Toxic.” There are also shots of Spears simulating sex with the song’s featured rapper, G-Eazy.

According to the Daily News, the original “Make Me” video is too hot for the internet. The director claims that Spears and her team thought the video was “too sexy” for her fans. TMZ reported that Spears’ sexy new video isn’t nearly as sexy as it was originally meant to be. But Spears’ team didn’t want to release that video because they thought it was “pointless” since it didn’t even have a plot.

The outlet has since leaked parts of the original “Make Me” video, which the singer hoped wouldn’t be leaked. Now that fans have seen some of the animated GIFs, scenes, and photos from the video, they’re hoping that the rest will leak soon. In addition, a Change.org petition launched on Friday, shortly after Spears dropped her new video, and has already received over 9,600 signatures in less than 24 hours.

“We Britney fans find that the music video was not a suitable representation of the song and we are calling for the original video to be released,” the online petition reads.

You could say that Britney Spears’ fans are very “curious” to see how the original video played out, even if it didn’t have a cohesive plot.

Fans are already not happy with their pop idol. Spears’ fans have already slammed the disappointing artwork for her ninth studio album, Glory, which is due out on Aug. 26. They are not happy to see that the cover is a still from the latest version of the video, not from a professionally shot photo. Fans have asked Spears’ team to change the album artwork since they claim that it’s boring and it looks nothing like her.

However, this isn’t the first time that Spears’ fans have been left wanting more. They are still waiting for the original videos for “Break the Ice,” “Gimme More,” “Outrageous,” and “Perfume.” But, only parts of the original “Gimme More” music video, which shows the Las Vegas performer looking inside a casket at herself, have been released. Even the remaining footage for her video for “Outrageous” remains to see the light of day, according to VH1.

Even Spears’ music video for her last solo single, “Perfume,” has received its share of controversy. Spears’ fans were underwhelmed with the final version of the video, which shows her hanging out with her boyfriend and spraying her own perfume on alone in a bathroom. The original version, shot by Joseph Kahn, was to show Spears carrying a gun and shooting her lover after she catches him cheating on her, according to an in-depth report via Buzzfeed. The original version was scrapped in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

What are your thoughts on Britney Spears’ new music video for “Make Me”? Are you curious to see the original version? Sound off below in the comments section.

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