Hope Solo’s ‘Zika’ Stance — According To CDC Warning, She’s Justified

Hope Solo was booed yet again in Brazil for her stance on the Zika virus. Although defeating France, Solo is still battling public opinion.

While Hope Solo’s Zika opinion is taking many verbal “shots on goal,” the United States’ Women’s goalkeeper stands strong in her stance.

USA Today reports that Solo mentions the following statements regarding her seriousness about the Zika virus.

“I wish people would understand that I did my due diligence before coming to Brazil. It was a personal decision I had to make alongside my husband and it’s not something I just spoke about without getting educated on.”

With all the Zika reports flowing through social media, Hope Solo only did what any health-conscious traveler would do before going to another country. Research.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has placed a level-2 alert on Brazil, as well as all those who travel to the country.

Sure, maybe Solo’s mosquito repellent photos were a little “on the nose.” Yet, considering that she wants to one-day have children with her husband, Hope is taking no chances.

Essentially, just as Hope has shown, the agency has advised “enhanced precautions.”

“There is no vaccine or medicine for Zika,” notes the CDC. “Travelers can protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites.”

So, open herself up to public ridicule, or stay safe and protect her future children from the Zika virus? It’s really a no-brainer.

Granted, if she wanted to be “politically correct,” she didn’t have to post the photos. However, her level of precaution — according to the CDC — is spot-on.

Although some of Hope Solo’s Zika protection appeared over-the-top, the agency actually encourages mosquito netting and excessive repellent.

But, what does Zika have to do with Hope’s future children?

“A pregnant woman can pass Zika virus to her fetus,” explains the Centers for Disease Control. “Infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects.”

If a partner contracts Zika during the pregnancy, the agency strongly advises condom usage or totally refraining from sex altogether until the pregnancy is over.

Zika can be sexually transferred.

And, surely, Solo would hate to contract the virus and pass it on to her husband. So, after acquiring everything she needed for Zika prevention, Hope Solo was ready.

In an interview with FIFPro, Solo elaborated on her pre-travels to Brazil.

“I am ready to go to Brazil. It’s been a long build-up…at this point and time, I am ready to get on a plane, fly to Brazil, get unpacked, get settled…and prepare for the game of soccer. Because, in the game of life, that’s where all the stressors are. But, I can handle the game of soccer.”

Yet, once there, Hope seemingly faced public ridicule during the New Zealand game on Wednesday, August 3, as reported USA Today.

However, in the game against France, the Brazilian crowd gave little hope as they rendered a similar “Zika” response whenever Solo touched the ball or defended the U.S.’s goal.

As you can see from several videos circulating the internet, every time Hope would punt, the crowd would yell “Zika!”

According to the source, Brazil’s jeering wasn’t as prevalent during the New Zealand game — since Hope Solo didn’t see nearly as much defensive action.

All in all, their distracting crowd noise had little-to-no effect on the goalkeeper.

Yet, the source also notes that Hope Solo isn’t the first athlete to speak out regarding the Zika virus. However, it seems that she’s being targeted as if that’s the case.

The source notes that former Brazil captain Aline Pelligrino mentioned that Hope was making a bigger deal of the Zika situation than needed. Rather, the former captain thinks that Solo was simply a poor sport about Rio beating out Chicago for the Olympic location.

“I saw [Solo’s] interview and we talked about it. I think what is happening here also has to do with the rivalry between Rio and Chicago. Chicago wanted to host the games but it did not get it.

“During our Carnival, Rio was full of Americans, men and women, they did not look at all concerned with Zika. Solo is like that. She likes to make comments she likes to be polemic.”

Yet, all in all, do you agree or disagree with Hope Solo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.

[Photo by Jack Dempsey/David Goldman/AP Image]