How Do Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Feel About Orlando Bloom’s Nudes?

Katy Perry

It’s obvious that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift see eye-to-eye these days. No surprise here that the feuding pop stars think differently when it comes to Orlando Bloom’s nudes.

The internet has been buzzing over the nude photos of Orlando Bloom, 39, paddleboarding nude with Katy Perry in tow. However, the pop star was not nude during their Italian beach getaway. The photos of Bloom’s penis were first published in the U.K.’s Daily Star and the New York Daily News on Wednesday, Aug. 3. with nothing but a black bar covering his personal bits. Then, the next day, the uncensored photos of Bloom immediately went viral on social media.

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly, and the couple doesn’t appear to be bothered by this nude scandal.

“[Orlando] finds the whole thing amusing. This isn’t something that would annoy her,” the source said, talking about Katy’s reaction.

Bloom and Perry have been dating ever since they were spotted flirting and dancing at the 2016 Golden Globes back in January. Since then, they have been on a whirlwind romance that’s fit to rival Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s global relationship. Back in May, they cemented their romance at the Cannes Film Festival. Bloom was also seen supporting Perry at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and even filmed her performance from the audience.

While Katy is cool with the whole thing, Taylor has been laughing her butt off over the photos. She thinks it’s hilarious that her frenemy has to deal with this latest nude photo scandal. An alleged inside source told Hollywood Life that Katy’s “embarrassment” is amusing to her fellow pop star. At least that’s what she assumes.

“Taylor [Swift] thinks it’s funny and she’s loving that Katy [Perry] has to deal with this latest distraction with Orlando Bloom’s nude photos being out there. Taylor would never be caught in that position and would never have Tom [Hiddleston] be in that situation at all. But she loves that Katy has to deal with it because it has be embarrassing.”

In case you forgot, Swift, 26, and Perry, 31, have a long-running feud with each other. It has something to do with backup dancers and possibly John Mayer. Not only is Swift glad about this nude photo scandal, but she’s glad that the attention is finally off her amid her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

But while Taylor is laughing away, Katy has been nothing but “supportive” of her obviously well-endowed boyfriend. It turns out that Orlando is the one who’s embarrassed, not Katy!

“Katy has been very supportive and understanding of his frustration and anger. She’s been a calming voice in his ear as he deals with the embarrassment of the situation.”

The “Rise” singer is especially “turned on” by the photos. The insider said that Perry loves it when her man shows off his hot body in public.

“Katy absolutely loves it when Orlando shows off his naked body. She’s not embarrassed with him being in the nude one bit. It’s actually a major turn on for her. She feels like Orlando is by far the hottest guy she’s ever been with and the most confident, not only about his body, but about himself in general.”

And it looks like the couple is clearly comfortable with showing off their sexuality in public. Bloom had no problem getting hands-on with Perry at a public beach. According to another report via Hollywood Life, he was seen grabbing his girlfriend’s breasts in front of the beach goers.

They hit the beach again on Friday, Aug. 5, when he was seen groping his girlfriend’s famous assets in front of everyone. And more nude photos of Orlando were published on the Mirror that same day. He was spotted wearing red board shorts, which he removed before jumping into the water.

According to the report, public nudity is illegal in Sardinia and Bloom could face a fine of 1,200 euros or $1,330.44 U.S. dollars. Although there are nude beaches in the Catholic countryside, it’s unclear whether the couple was at one of those beaches.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]