Utah Woman, Molly Jojola, Charged After Dead Infants Found Hidden In Her Closet

Molly Jojola, a 28-year-old Utah woman, is facing felony charges after the decomposed remains of two newborns were found in a plastic storage bin in her closet. According to authorities, Molly Jojola was living in Park City at the time, and the bodies of the infants were found by her friends. As Fox 13 Now reports, Utah woman Molly Jojola had been away from her house at an alcohol rehab center, and the friends had gone to the house to make sure all alcohol was removed from the home before she returned.

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According to the roommates, they called local police after they discovered the decomposing infants in Molly Jojola’s closet on August 8, 2015. They told authorities that they were cleaning out the closet when they found a plastic container sealed with duct tape that was emitting a noxious odor. The infant’s bodies were apparently being stored inside.

“When the friends … were going through Jojola’s bedroom, they observed a purple plastic Tupperware tub that was sealed with duct tape sitting in Jojola’s closet. They could smell a bad odor coming from the plastic tub.”

Legal documents filed with the court indicate that Utah woman Molly Jojola admitted to knowledge of the remains. Reportedly, she was contacted via text message by one of the friends after the infants’ remains were discovered. The friend asked her what was in the container and she responded that it was holding the bodies of two “stillborn babies that she had given birth to.”

During the course of the police investigation into Molly Jojola, the Utah woman reportedly told law enforcement that she was the birth mother of both deceased infants. She claimed that she’d given birth to the first stillborn child more than two years prior. According to Molly Jojola, the first stillborn infant had been born in February of 2012 while she was living in a different residence.

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Jojola assured investigators that at the time of the first stillbirth, she had no idea that she was pregnant. After the unexpected infant was, according to the Utah woman, born dead, she told law enforcement that she bought the plastic tub and used it to store the baby’s remains.

Utah woman Molly Jojola went on to describe to law enforcement enduring a second stillbirth two years later, while living in the home where the decomposing infants were found. There have been no reports regarding whether or not the Utah woman knew she was pregnant the second time around.

According to Molly Jojola, she put the remains of the second stillborn infant in the same plastic container as the first and continued to store them in her closet under some blankets.

Reportedly DNA testing has been done on the infant remains found in the Utah woman’s closet and it has been confirmed that Jojola was the mother of the babies, one male and one female.

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Court documents indicate that investigators have been unable to determine whether or not the badly decomposed pair of infants were actually stillborn, as Molly Jojola indicated, or if they may have been born alive.

Molly Jojola has been charged with two counts of desecration of a human body. The Utah woman has been free on bail and living in California pending her scheduled trial. She is scheduled to appear in court on September 12 in Park City, Utah.

Despite the seemingly unthinkable nature of Molly Jojola’s alleged crimes, she is not the first or only Utah woman to be found to have dead infants stored in her home in recent years. In April, 2012, Megan Huntsman of Pleasant Grove, Utah, was found to have seven dead infants stored in containers in her garage.

As The Salt Lake Tribune reports, Utah woman Megan Huntsman eventually admitted to killing six of the newborns over the course of a decade immediately after their births. According to Huntsman and her family, no one ever knew that the Utah woman was expecting and she always gave birth in secret before choking the newborns to death then hiding their remains.

“In some small way, I wanted to help them avoid the terrible life I would have given them, I deprived my little babies of the opportunity of life. … Those babies aren’t coming back, and they never will because of my actions.”

Megan Huntsman ultimately pled guilty to six first-degree murder charges and was sentenced to six, five-to-life prison terms. Three of the terms will run consecutively while the remaining three will run concurrently.

In Jojola’s case, her two counts of desecration of a human body are third-degree felonies. This means that under state law, Utah woman Molly Jojola could face up to five years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines for each count.

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