‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Will Viewers Watch This Fall? Who Will Be In ‘BB19’ Cast?

Big Brother 19 rumors present some interesting questions. Will the BB19 cast be interesting enough to keep the attention of internet viewers? Will enough people be ready to pay the price associated with watching BB19 online? A report from CBS.com came out to address rumors about the show, confirming that the next version will air entirely on the CBS All Access application. It’s important to note that this isn’t going to replace the typical summer reality competition show, but rather serve as a fall extension that could bring even more eyes to the program.

Producers are currently in the process of putting together the BB19 cast, but that hasn’t curtailed rumors about how it might look. There has been chatter that this could be an opportunity for the show to actually bring in some age diversity to the houseguests, rather than nearly everyone being in their 20s. It has also been suggested that this could be an excuse to do a theme for the entire fall run of the show. With only 10 weeks to show it, that might limit the number of “twists” that are presented.

The digital edition of Big Brother 19 comes with a lot of questions for fans. Like will the online show follow an episodic format? Are there going to be “live” episodes online that might air at like 6 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. ET? Will there be live feeds available for the fall season?

Marc DeBevoise, President and Chief Operating Officer of CBS Interactive addressed some of the finer points in the report from CBS.com. It included noting that Big Brother host Julie Chen would be returning for BB19, keeping some continuity for the program. DeBevoise spoke briefly about the show and how it might bring a big impact to online television. He didn’t answer some of the more important questions that fans have posted online, but he did reveal what the network is hoping to gain by making this programming move.

“Big Brother is an incredible success on the CBS Television Network and has always been ahead of its time when it comes to fan engagement. Already, the Big Brother Live Feeds are some of the most popular content on CBS All Access and with this new digital edition we will explore ways to reimagine this format for multi-platform audiences.”

The Big Brother 19 rumors seem more prevalent than facts that have been released about the show to this point. It was probably planned out this way, providing some assurances that it wouldn’t take attention away from the current season of Big Brother 18. There are still 10 houseguests competing for the $500,000 prize in the BB18 house, so it could be a long time until specifics are given about the BB19 cast or how the 10-week season will be presented online. What is known for sure, is that all of it will be on the CBS All Access application.

The Big Brother 18 season finale is going to be 90 minutes and has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 21. This is where the $500,000 cash prize will be given to the winner, with host Julie Chen interviewing all 16 former houseguests on the “live” episode. Whether it is during the same week or the week after that, it is expected that the Big Brother 19 season premiere will air online almost immediately. That gives the network a lot of additional time between now and then to advertise and put together an amazing BB19 cast that will convince television viewers to log in.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]