Josh Duggar Sued: Family Responds With Sermon By Pastor Who Called Slavery 'A Much-Maligned Institution'

Josh Duggar just can't escape his cheating scandal. The former 19 Kids and Counting star is making headlines once again, and this time it's because of another man, not another woman. Josh is being sued for allegedly stealing DJ Matthew McCarthy's photo and using it on his Ashley Madison and OkCupid dating profiles. Josh's family was likely responding to McCarthy's lawsuit when they shared a sermon about the dangers of pornography, which Josh has partially blamed for his behavior. However, their choice of pastor to promote may stir up even more controversy.

As People reports, Hollywood DJ Matthew McCarthy has filed a lawsuit against Josh Duggar. McCarthy claims that Josh Duggar's use of his photo on Ashley Madison, OkCupid, and Twitter has cost him jobs, and he's also getting harassed by internet trolls who are calling him names like "DJ Duggar" and "Duggar's boy toy." McCarthy says that Josh's wrongful actions have caused him emotional distress "including but not limited to frequent panic attacks, disruption of sleep and insomnia, mood changes, fits of anger, a loss of interest in pursuing both professional and personal endeavors, and a complete loss of self-confidence."

Last August, Gawker discovered what appeared to be Josh Duggar's now-deleted OkCupid dating profile. Duggar was using McCarthy's photo on a profile under the user name "Joesmithsonnwa." As the Inquisitr previously reported, a few of Josh's OkCupid questionnaire responses were controversial; he expressed his belief that there are some situations when a woman is obligated to have sex with him, and he revealed that he's the type of man who will tell a homeless person to get a job.

Shortly after the OkCupid profile was discovered, Josh issued a statement suggesting that his struggle with a secret addiction to internet pornography was to blame for his infidelity.

"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife."
Josh checked into a faith-based recovery center after making his confession, and he remained there for six months.On Friday, Josh Duggar's parents reminded fans of their family that they believe that Josh is a victim of pornography. Perhaps they were trying to score a little sympathy for their son when they shared a Facebook post letting their followers know that they recently added a link to one of Pastor Adrian Rogers' sermons on their family's website. The sermon is titled "Protect Your Home," and its main focus is pornography.

"Satan is out to destroy your home and family, and one of his chief tools is pornography," the sermon's description reads.

In the sermon, Rogers describes television as "the devil's pipeline into the home," and he encourages parents to "take an ax" to their family's computer if they find it too difficult to "guard the use" of it. He says that making children memorize Bible verses prevents them from thinking lustful thoughts because "you can't think two thoughts at one time," and he also includes a few tips for fathers tempted to look at pornography, telling them to "imagine somebody using your daughter as an object of their lust."

However, Adrian Rogers' only family protection tip that gets applause from his congregation is his advice for girls; he tells them that they should avoid becoming objects of lust by dressing modestly.

"If you dress to entice him to lust, you are an accomplice to the crime," Rogers says.

This is just one of the many controversial views held by the three-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention. According to Rogers' Telegraph obituary, he believed that wives should "submit" to their husbands; he opposed gay marriage and abortion; he promoted the evangelization of Jewish people; and he believed that capital punishment is "spiritually ordained." Rogers also lamented the abolition of slavery, calling it a "a much maligned institution" that is preferable to welfare.

If the Duggar family followed Rogers' advice about how to protect their children from pornography, their teachings seemingly didn't stick with Josh Duggar when he became an adult. They also didn't prevent Duggar from sexually molesting his younger sisters or stealing another man's image to cheat on his wife.

In his lawsuit, Matthew McCarthy accuses Josh Duggar of acting "willfully, maliciously and impressively... with full and deliberate disregard for the consequences" of his actions. Josh never publicly acknowledged his OkCupid profile or apologized for using McCarthy's photo on it.

[Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]