Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony: Team USA Wore Ralph Lauren, What Were The Best And Worst Dressed Countries?

This year, Team USA once again wore uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren, but this time, they were made in the USA! The team looked fantastic wearing red, white, and blue. All of the athletes in the procession were so proud to wear the colors of their country. What were some of the best outfits in the opening ceremony?

The Ralph Lauren designed this year’s Team USA uniforms to be a unisex look. The outfit includes a bold red, white, and blue striped rugby shirt, a navy blazer with gold buttons, red, white and blue tri-colored boat shoes, and fresh-looking elvedge white denim pants. This is a very clean, American look that has made Ralph Lauren famous. And according to Central Michigan University fashion professor Michael Mamp, this look has the essence of American style.

“The fabrication of denim is uniquely American, with an industry dating back to the Gold Rush in the 19th century. There couldn’t be a fabrication that’s more strictly rooted in American history.”

Speaking to Fortune, Mamp also pointed out that Team USA’s uniform is how Americans are dressing in the workplace. There is a classic elegance without any need for a tie. This clean look is appropriate for men or women, and the cut and fit of the jeans is outstanding. Each piece is so flattering to every single person wearing them.

“This idea of a casual sort of elegance with the blazer and a pair of jeans is also very American. And reflective of what’s appropriate in the workplace in our country today.”

Ralph Lauren was not the only fashion designer enlisted to design for their country. Working along with Adidas, Stella McCartney designed for Great Britain. She created modern white jackets for women and navy pea coats for men. All of the jackets have a custom made coat of arms created just for the 2016 Rio Olympic team. These are some of the incredible designer details that will make these jackets keepsakes.

Tennis champion Andy Murray has to be grateful that their uniforms look so good, as his flag-bearing skills are not as graceful as his tennis moves. He nearly hit Princess Anne with the flag.

Team Canada’s attire is always one of the most popular when it comes to team uniforms, and their opening ceremony outfit was no exception. Dsquared2, which consists of designers Dean and Dan Caten, created the showy loose-fitting, tomato red jackets with the white maple leaf emblazoned on the back. Paired with an oversized shirt and black trousers, this is an incredible look.

Comfortable, practical and stylish., Giorgio Armani designed Team Italy’s tracksuits. Odds are, a lot of the other athletes at the Rio games wish Armani designed their uniforms, too!

Greece always begins the procession of athletes as the original Olympic games began in Greece over 2,500 years ago. The Greek team looked clean and professional with navy jackets, white button down shirts, and clean white jeans and with a nod to the Greek blue in their flag, royal blue tennis shoes.

It should be of no surprise that Swedish H&M designed Team Sweden’s outfits. What does surprise us is that they came up with such shiny, ugly, yellow shorts outfits that look like they should have stayed pack in the disco era. Yikes!

Maybe we have to worry about Scandinavia in general. Normally, they are known for style and innovation, yet Team Norway’s opening ceremony outfits had neither of those.

Australia went with green and white seersucker. American designer Isaac Mizrahi was recently quoted on Project Runway All-Stars as saying that he loves seersucker and odds are, he is a fan of this Aussie look.

While there are many critics of this look, they may need to rethink their criticism. Inside of the jacket, includes the name of every single Australian that won a gold medal printed right on the lining!

Tonga Olympian Pita Taukatofua showed that simply lathering in some body oil is all the uniform you need. This may be the best uniform of all!

Which were your favorite team outfits? Do you like what Ralph Lauren designed for Team USA?

[Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]