Victor Thorn: Suicide Of Anti-Clinton Researcher With Antisemitic Past Prompts Conspiracy Theories [Video]

Victor Thorn spent much of his adult life and career as an investigative writer and researcher. The focus of his efforts was often the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, and what he had to say about the pair was rarely kind or positive. Indeed, Victor Thorn was prominently known among conspiracy theorists for his anti-Clinton articles and books. He may have been best known for the work he did as a contributor for the American Free Press, and he was found dead on August 1.

August 1 was also Victor Thorn's 54th birthday, reports Dennis Michael Lynch.

Victor Thorn's body was found on a mountaintop, near his home and on his own property, his cause of death was a single bullet wound to the head, and it has officially been ruled a suicide. However, conspiracy theorists are not convinced that the prolific and vocal anti-Clinton researcher would take his own life. His latest book, Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn't Be in the White House, had been doing incredibly well at the time of his death, and many of his fans and supporters believe that his criticism of the Democratic presidential nominee cost Victor Thorn his life.
Victor Thorn also frequently appeared on podcasts and radio shows, including the Russell Scott Show. According to reports, Victor Thorn had been on Scott's show twice and was scheduled to appear a third time next month. Russell Scott has been very skeptical of the official story that Victor Thorn committed suicide at this high point in his life and career. Indeed, Scott has said that Victor Thorn had previously told him that he wasn't suicidal and would never take his own life.
"Russell, if I'm ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself."
Russell Scott isn't the only one who believes that the gunshot wound that ended Victor Thorn's life wasn't self-inflicted.

According to The Political Insider, Victor Thorn's is just the most recent death that can be directly attributed to the Clintons. The Political Insider claims that, over the course of 30 years, 46 people with ties to the Clinton dynasty have died under mysterious circumstances. Circumstances that, according to the publication, usually benefit the Clintons' personal or political lives.

The team at The Political Insider insists that the "Clinton body count" includes Victor Thorn, and that the reason that Thorn and the rest of the nearly 50 others that they accuse the Clintons of "taking out" are being killed off is in order to help pave Hillary Clinton's way to the White House.

However, while (largely right-wing) conspiracy theorists say that Victor Thorn would never commit suicide, implying that he was some kind of "good-guy patriot," that's not all there is to Victor Thorn's background. In addition to being a self-avowed anti-Clinton researcher and author, Thorn's career and apparent personal beliefs have something of a dark side.

According to internet rumor-debunking website Snopes, Victor Thorn largely rose to fame writing for the American Free Press. The website, which covers news from an ultra-conservative slant, has been classified as a hate organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center because it has a history of perpetuating "general hate."

The Daily Dot reports that Victor Thorn also built much of his career on antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Many mainstream publications and journalists alike have come forward expressing shock and offense that Victor Thorn would be referred to as a "Clinton researcher." After the news of this death began to trend on Facebook earlier in the week, Rob Cottingham spoke of Thorn's history of Holocaust denial.

"The problem is that it's wildly misleading. No reasonable news organization would describe Mr. Thorn as a 'Clinton researcher.' It's the same reason they wouldn't describe his Holocaust denial as the work of a 'Second World War scholar.' They'd call him a far-right anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, and they'd be correct."
A spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center concurred with Cottingham. He, too, referenced Victor Thorn's antisemitic research and personal beliefs, including the deceased writer and researcher's previous references to the "holohoax industry."
"The phrase 'writer and Clinton researcher' is unbelievably dishonest. Thorn was akin to being a Nazi and was certainly a Nazi apologist."
What do you think? Is the news of Victor Thorn's suicide being doctored to cover up something more sinister? Do you believe that the Clintons are responsible for a "body count" of nearly 50 people? Or was the death of Victor Thorn nothing more than a tragic but deliberate suicide?

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