Who Won 'The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30' Tonight? Season 30 Winners Crowned

After two weeks of The Challenge XXX reunion show, it was finally time for The Miz to reveal the winners of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30. Viewers had to sit through another hour of the reunion show first, but then the results were delivered, so who won The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 tonight? Find out the Season 30 winners below in our The Challenge XXX results.

Last week on The Challenge Season 30, it was the first night of the reunion show. The Miz served as the host, as they talked about some of the drama and fights of the season. They talked with Cory and how he hooked up with three of the ladies on the show this season. Then they gave details of Tori and Derrick H., as they broke up after the show. It seems like Tori fell out of love with him during the season and then hooked up with Jordan after the season ended. At the end of the episode, viewers found out the third place finishers, which were Tori and CT. They both took home $15,000.

That left us with Jordan, Derrick K., Cara Maria, and Camila, even though Camila was not in attendance for the reunion show. Fans would have to wait until the end of the episode to find out which two contestants would be taking home $450,000 each.

Tonight's reunion featured Kailah and Jenna being an alliance and the other girls all gunning for them. Then viewers saw a war of words between Kailah and Cara Maria, as they clearly don't like each other. Tony was a hot topic button of the night also, as they discussed him calling Cara Maria a "60-year-old mother." His kiss with Camila during the show was also brought up, as he denied it to his girlfriend on the show. However, they are working on it and Tony is still with his girlfriend.
When all was said and done, it was finally time to announce the winners of The Challenge XXX. The four finalists took the stage and it was time to pull that double cross one more time. This time, the person that drew the double cross was the winner. In the end, the winners of The Challenge XXX were Jordan and Camila, as they took home $450,000 each. The second place finishers were Derrick H. and Cara Maria, who each took home $35,000.

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