‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 2 Fires Up An Old Rivalry As Relationships Face Tests In Mexico [Updated]

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise has just started airing, and it did not take long for intense drama to play out in Mexico. The show is following a similar format compared to prior seasons where a core group of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants arrive in paradise looking for love, and additional people come along the way as others are eliminated. Episode 2 is set to air on Monday, August 8, and fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

Viewers watched during the premiere as Chad Johnson got messy drunk and crossed the line with a couple of the ladies. The next morning, host Chris Harrison told Johnson that he needed to leave the show, and it seems that everybody will see the rest of that exit play out Monday night. If people think they’ve seen explosive moments from Chad before, it would seem that they haven’t seen anything yet as his final moments in Mexico are intense and over-the-top.

There is a lot of ground to cover in Episode 2, as the premiere focused so much on the arrivals and Chad’s drama, with a bit of time dedicated to Jubilee Sharpe and Jared Haibon’s date. As ABC details, during Episode 2, one gal will arrive and immediately be disappointed to learn that her crush is gone, and she causes some jealousy when she takes out a guy that another lady wanted. Another gentleman ends up with a date card and his outing leaves his prior companion jealous.

“Reality Steve’s” spoilers detail outings for Leah Block and Nick Viall, as well as Nick and Amanda Stanton. Which contestants seem to match up to each of ABC’s teasers per Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers? It seems that Nick taking out Amanda leaves Leah jealous, and it sounds as if Leah’s date with Nick perhaps left someone else jealous as well. At the rose ceremony, Jubilee and Leah will be eliminated, and then it is time for more guys to arrive.

After those eliminations, it seems that Evan Bass will get a date card and take out Carly Waddell, and the sparks will fly for these two. Previews have already shown one of the worst-kept Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 3, in that Josh Murray will be showing up and there is definitely friction between Josh and Nick. As ABC teases, one guy is quite annoyed when an aggressive suitor shows up and steals his girl away, and there is little doubt that this refers to Viall and Murray.

From the sounds of things, Carly and Evan’s date, along with Josh’s arrival, will happen at the end of Episode 2 on Monday night. As for Episode 3 on Tuesday, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Brandon Andreen from Desiree Hartsock Siegfried’s season shows up, as does Christian Bishop from JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette outing. Amusingly, it seems that nobody there realizes who Brandon is, so he may be facing a bit of a challenge in making his mark in Mexico.

Josh takes Amanda out on a date, Christian takes Sarah Herron out, and Brandon pursues Haley Ferguson. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Haley and her twin sister Emily will switch places midway through this outing and they do seem to fool him.

The network details that one guy gets upset when his gal is taken out by a newcomer, and it sounds as if this must relate to Daniel, Sarah, and Christian. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that the jealousy that sprouts as a result of this will propel Daniel to set up a date of his own to woo her back, and it sounds as if it ultimately works.

One guy will be feeling quite dejected when he raves about his date, but the gal involved details that she wasn’t as taken with the outing. Could this be related to Nick’s date with Amanda perhaps? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that one of the men will plant a fake date card that he will use to try to woo back a gal he was previously with and lost.

However, it seems that he will catch the gal and her new beau in the middle of a makeout session and things get intense. Based on Reality Steve’s spoilers and the Bachelor in Paradise preview, it sounds likely that this is related to Nick, Josh, and Amanda. Which guy ultimately gets the gal in this scenario? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the season detail that she definitely has a preference and one of these two will be left feeling quite dejected.

When it comes time for the rose ceremony, spoilers reveal that Sarah keeps Daniel, Carly keeps Evan, Amanda’s flower goes to Josh, Lace picks Grant, Izzy chooses Vinny, and Emily and Haley chose Jared and Nick. That means that newcomers Christian and Brandon will be eliminated after just one date each.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have teased that several relationships flourish in Mexico this summer and fans cannot wait to see which pairs manage to make things last. Season 3 is airing on Monday and Tuesday nights this summer and viewers are buzzing over all of the action ahead.

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