‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Karlie Redd Served With A Restraining Order After Shocking Hotel Fight With A New Man

Apparently, it’s restraining order season on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and another cast member has been served. This time, Karlie Redd is the recipient of the protection order, and she says that she isn’t the one who deserved it. Instead, Karlie claims that her recent companion, a rapper and promoter who goes by the name Pharaoh, was the real creeper here and that he deserves the restraining order, not her.

According to TMZ, Pharoah whose real name is Christopher Powe, claims that Karlie went crazy on him while they were staying together and stole some of his stuff. According to the report, Redd told Pharaoh during the argument on Thursday that she was going to claim that he raped her.

Karlie Redd says the story isn’t true and that Pharaoh is the one who actually deserves a restraining order. According to the Hip Hop Atlanta star, she didn’t freak out until she caught the wannabe rapper taking pictures of her while she was asleep in an Atlanta hotel room that they were sharing.

As the story goes, Karlie was reportedly drunk and during the fight, she locked herself in the bathroom with a bunch of Powe’s belongings. It was when Redd threatened to flush the rapper’s property down the toilet, including two of his phones, that he left the hotel room and went to find hotel security.

When Pharoah returned to the room with security, Karlie Redd was gone and his property seemed to be missing. Rather than flush it down the toilet as she said she would, Karlie locked his stuff inside the hotel safe before taking off.

According to Karlie Redd’s rep, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star did admit that she locked herself in the bathroom but she only did that after she caught Pharoah taking pictures of her. The rep also said that Karlie intends to fight the restraining order later this month when both parties get called to court.

Fans of the popular VH1 reality show weren’t shocked that Karlie was involved in something so messy. Many commented that the LHHATL star sure was quick to jump from one man to the next. Of course, that’s nothing new. Just during Season 5, Karlie was mixed up with the now-incarcerated Scrapp DeLeon at the same time that she was supposed to be dating Lyfe Jennings.

When Lyfe found out about Karlie stepping out on him, the singer came back at her in one of the funniest breakups fans have seen in a while. Jennings did a bit of a reenactment of Karlie Redd’s Season 1 breakup with Benzino where he pulled out a ring and then dumped her.

This time around, Lyfe gave the ring to Karlie and even told her that she could keep the ring but she could keep him. Imagine Karlie’s surprise when she went to get the ring appraised and found out that it was only worth about ten bucks.

It looks like Karlie isn’t letting her love life drama get in the way of her money. Despite the restraining order reports, Karlie Redd is still promoting her scheduled appearance in Houston later tonight. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star hasn’t commented on the drama with Pharaoh on social media and even her friends are staying quiet about the hotel room drama.

What do you think really went down between Karlie Redd and Christopher Powe aka Pharaoh? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]