‘Shahs’ GG Claims She Was An Addict At 11, Used Cocaine And Marijuana, Now Drug-Free

The season of Shahs of Sunset is over, but now that the reunion is all said and done, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is coming forward to speak candidly about her rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and her traumatic childhood, which included the contemplation of suicide, likely brought on by drug addiction. GG says that she started abusing illegal drugs at age 11, and it took her to a very dark place. GG admits to abusing cocaine and marijuana and is also candid that she is aware that she has also abused alcohol.

The Inquisitr has pondered whether Golnesa or GG of Shahs of Sunset was using her RA to explain away her excessive drinking. It is not unusual for people in chronic pain to self-medicate with illegal drugs or drinking, but on Shahs, GG seemed to be putting herself at more risk of harming herself with her binge drinking. Even GG’s close friend Shervin says that he often goes out to bars and clubs with GG to make sure she is okay and doesn’t harm herself. Much of GG’s most dramatic behavior has come after a dinner or party is in full swing and she has had many drinks.

Reality Tea shared that on the reunion of Shahs of Sunset, it was revealed that GG had some trouble in her past that was not talked about, but now GG is coming clean. GG says that though working through her RA is difficult, many things in her past are even more painful. GG explains that her battle with RA has been made even harder because of past drug addiction.

“I was an addict. I have 11 years drug free. I started using drugs when I was 11 and a half, and it kind of progressed very, very fast and I was a full blown addict [before I knew it].”

GG says that she was using cocaine and marijuana regularly. Eleven-years-old seems awfully young to be able to access, or even have the money for cocaine and marijuana for regular use, but that is GG’s current dramatic claim. GG says that she recognized her old pattern when she started drinking heavily last year.

“I recognized it. I said, ‘Okay, well if I don’t stop it now, this could eventually lead to a few lines of coke, it could lead into a lot of other dangerous things.’”

GG says that the heavy drinking took her back to that dark place in her childhood, and she realized that she was suicidal.

“I was literally sitting on the ground in my living room, one empty bottle of Titos vodka here, a bottle of wine here, and some gin. And on the other side, I had knives. It just came down to – you fight or flight in this moment. ‘What do I do in this moment?’ And I downed the rest of that wine and picked up the phone. I called my friend and said, ‘I need you now.’”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, GG claims that after she was diagnosed with RA, she was in a very bad place. GG claims that for years, she was able to hide it, putting on a brave face, but last year, everything seemed to spill over while shooting Shahs of Sunset.

“I’ve done a great job putting on this mask, but there’s a time when I go home and I’m alone and there’s no more mask. It’s me and my life and my disease, and that’s when the battle is real. Right now sitting with you, my pain level is about a five or a six. There’s days where it’s at a 15 or 20.”

GG claims that she did what many others with chronic pain do; she picked up a bottle and just kept drinking. After finally finding the right mix of medication, she is in a better place, but the struggles took GG back to a familiar place as an addict.

GG says that she hopes that one day, she will be able to talk about her past addiction in detail, but for now it’s simply too painful.

What do you think about GG’s admission that she started using drugs at age 11?

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