Kim Kardashian Exposing Children For ‘KUWTK’ Ratings: Kanye West Furious, Threatens Divorce?

Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian continues to crumble, and this time, it’s all because the rapper isn’t in agreement with the idea of having his children exposed for reality TV purposes.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, yet another argument has erupted between the two this week, as Kanye allegedly confronted his wife about consistently using their kids, North and Saint, as props for her publicity stunts to boost ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The family’s reality show is said to have declined in ratings from week-to-week since its series premiere earlier this year. In fact, KUWTK is currently averaging 1.3 million weekly viewers, which is a drastic fall from the 2.4 million the family was pulling in just three years ago.

While Kanye West has been very vocal on not necessarily wanting his children to be featured on the family’s reality show, Kim is in a completely different headspace, going against her husband’s wishes by revolving entire storylines around them and how hectic motherhood has been while juggling her career and being a wife.

Kanye doesn’t agree with Kim’s reasons that North and Saint are a massive ratings booster, especially with Saint, who has rarely made any public appearances since his birth in December 2015.

Kim has kept him under wraps for the most part because Kanye supposedly didn’t like the idea of having his son featured all over social media, but with recent outings to San Diego and Beverly Hills, Kardashian has once again decided that she’ll make her own rules about her children with Kanye.

Celeb Dirty Laundry explains, “Of course, this doesn’t sit well with the rapper, especially since 3-year-old North West is supposedly terrified of the paps while 7-month-old Saint West is not used to all the flashing lights and chaos each time Kim Kardashian steps out in public.”

“Kanye is livid at Kim right now. She knew how he felt about exposing Saint to the media and she did it anyway.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed how Kris Jenner allegedly set her daughter and her rapper husband up for therapy sessions, after being informed that Kim was beginning to lose her cool in her relationship with Kanye following endless disagreements about parenting, feuds, and living arrangements.

Kris has more or less become the peacemaker in Kim’s marriage with Kanye West, for the momager is under the clear impression that her daughter may end up filing for divorce if things don’t improve in the near future.

While Kim has stressed that she’s not a big fan of having to attend therapy sessions to things that concern her marriage, if it’s going to soothe the wounds that have been caused in recent weeks, Kardashian is down to give it a try.

Although, with Kanye West now convinced that Kim is allegedly using their children for the sake of ratings and PR opportunities, fans will be eager to know how the twosome will end up working out their differences if they’ve already been having problems before that.

Everything seems to have worked itself up to this moment — to the point where even therapy may not be able to save their marriage. But what do you think? Can Kim and Kanye West pull through their disagreements?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]