Kanye West Siding With Drake In Eminem Feud: Convinced ‘Views’ Rapper Can Dethrone Slim Shady

Kanye West is reportedly taking Drake’s side in the reported feud between the Canadian rapper and Eminem.

Earlier this week, rumors circulated on Twitter about there being a diss track in the works from Eminem’s camp. The 43-year-old was allegedly unsettled by the thought of Drake taking numerous shots at his good pal, Joe Budden, as DesignnTrend reveals, and felt the need to step in to end the beef once and for all.

With that said, when Drake was asked by Hot97 about a possible Eminem diss track, aimed at him and the things he said about Joe, the “Hotline Bling” artist responded by saying that he wasn’t worried, stressing that he’s ready to go head-to-head with Slim Shady, causing even more of an uproar that left many hip-hop fans excited.

According to Hollywood Life, Kanye West has made it known that he’s fully supporting Drake in this situation, having seen what he’s capable of doing when it comes to feuds and rap battles, clearly underestimating Eminem’s talent to humiliate his opponent with his own freestyles.

“He would be all for Drake in a rap battle with Eminem,” a source tells the outlet. “Eminem had been sitting idle for years, like duck just floating on water, and Drake’s that huge crocodile that could just come out of nowhere and swallow his entire life.”

The insider concluded by saying, “Drake obliterating Eminem would be a little warm up before he and Kanye get in the studio together and Collab on an album that’s pure fire!” failing to realize that West and Drake have already been working on their forthcoming record for a couple of weeks now.

With that said, Eminem’s fans haven’t taken the news about Drake being overly confident to take shots at their rap idol lightly, using memes to express their emotions — many of which included crying out of laughter emojis. Judging by the reaction from Eminem’s fans, nobody seems too worried about Drake going at the “Lose Yourself” icon, for the 43-year-old Detroit star has proven himself to be one of the greatest when it comes to freestyling.

One of Eminem’s most controversial diss tracks from the rapper came in 2009, with the release of The Warning, where the father of one calls out Mariah Carey for lying about their secret relationship. Eminem makes it known that the romance quickly led to intimacy, before exposing the singer’s alleged drinking problem being the possible reason why she now claims she “doesn’t remember ever being in a relationship with a rapper named Eminem.”

Now that Kanye West has publicly sided with Drake in what could possibly be the biggest rap battle of the year, Eminem could also potentially be working on a diss track aimed at the “Yeezus” rapper.

Should it be true that Slim Shady has already got a specific song ready to hit the internet regarding Drake’s feud with Joe Budden, this would evidently be the biggest feud in hip-hop since Drizzy’s infamous falling out with Meek Mill last summer.

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That fiasco would go on to produce two hits for Drake, “Back to Back” and “Charged Up,” one of which ended up being nominated for a Grammy award.

Weigh in on your feelings regarding Kanye West’s support for Drake in what appears to be an upcoming battle between the Canadian rapper and Eminem.

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