Two Weeks After DNC WikiLeaks, Bernie Sanders Demands Fans Vote Clinton

If you are a true Bernie Sanders fan, he says you will be voting for Hillary Clinton for president, but does this mean there are still some #NeverHillary supporters out there?

Two weeks after the DNC began and Wikileaks dumped emails revealing corruption against Bernie Sanders, the Senator seems to be screaming at his loyal supporters to forget him and move on with Hillary Clinton. However, are Bernie Sanders fans going to eventually see supporting Hillary Clinton as a compromise in order to avoid junking the election in Donald Trump’s favor?

Bernie Sanders fans voting for a third-party candidate could end up giving Donald Trump more votes than Hillary Clinton, and this is Bernie Sanders’ worst nightmare.

Adding to this, there is a small group of Bernie Sanders fans that are planning a write-in campaign for him for president, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Bernie Sanders

Two weeks after the DNC began, headlines seem to show that Bernie Sanders “owns” the youth vote, and those same young voters despise Donald Trump, according to a June 20 report from Washington Post.

Nevertheless, headlines are also showing these young Bernie Sanders fans could end up voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party instead of Hillary Clinton.

Since recent polls have shown that the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a close one in some states, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution, it is imperative that Clinton has as many voters as possible in order to tip the scales.

As it appears, there are some Bernie Sanders fans that are mad at him, and most of it has to do with supporting Hillary Clinton because she inadvertently hurt him.

For example, some Bernie Sanders supporters like Sane Progressive described his “silence on election fraud” that affected Bernie himself to be “deafening.”

These arguments have credence, and Bipartisan Report stated on July 28 that, because of election fraud, Bernie Sanders lost an estimated 184 delegates to Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, a majority of Bernie Sanders fans are seeing democracy as a compromise, and their final thoughts follow Bernie’s. Primarily, Bernie Sanders firmly believes that Hillary Clinton must be supported because a third-party candidate could cause them to “throw away” their vote… and end up getting Trump elected.

Cleveland asked local Bernie Sanders supporter Bridget Finnegan on August 2 about her thoughts on Bernie or Bust supporters, because she said, “Trump is too dangerous to vote third party.” About the ongoing support of Bernie Sanders after he asked his fans to move on to Hillary Clinton, Finnegan stated the following.

“Too much is at stake to pout and go home because we did not get exactly what we wanted. Revolutions require pragmatism, and [Bernie or Bust supporters] are not respecting [Bernie Sanders’] legacy.”

So far, Politicus U.S.A. writes on August 1 that a CNN poll shows that 91 percent of Bernie Sanders fans now support Hillary Clinton. Regardless, Bernie Sanders is not finished with the remaining 9 percent.

Bernie Sanders Voters Switch Support to Jill Stein

On August 5, an opinion piece in Chicago Tribune paraphrases this minority group of Bernie Sanders die-hard fans posting on Facebook and says they claim “it’s OK if Trump wins because the system is so corrupt and broken that it’s time to bring it to its knees.”

This small group of Bernie Sanders fans also feel that Donald Trump winning will “lead to the complete collapse of the established order and finally open the door to genuine reform.”

L.A. Times also published an opinion piece on August 5 directly from Bernie Sanders himself, and the Senator stated the following about why his true fans will only support Hillary Clinton in the elections.

“I understand that many of my supporters are disappointed by the final results of the nominating process, but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump.”

Ultimately, some of this 9 percent of Bernie Sanders fans that will not heed his cry to vote for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump will end up being Green Party supporters, according to an NPR report from August 6.

Despite this, these Bernie Sanders supporters favoring Jill Stein might vote for Hillary Clinton anyway because of confusing situations such as Stein not getting the required 15 percent support in national polls to get a podium in the presidential debates. Currently, the Green Party has five percent.

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