50 Cent’s Latest Beef With Puff Daddy, Offers To Save ‘Top Gear,’ But It Won’t Be Cheap

50 Cent, the multitalented artist and entrepreneur, never misses an opportunity to get even with Puff Daddy, who is famously his main nemesis. 50 Cent’s feud with the veteran musician goes back to the time when Puff Daddy refused to release Mase from his contract.

During those days, 50 Cent’s G-Unit label was busy signing up all the popular artists in New York, including Mase. Puff Daddy’s refusal to release Mase from his contract irked 50 Cent and he has held a grudge against Puff Daddy since then. Matters became worse when the two musicians became rivals in the vodka business, with Puff Daddy representing CÎROC while 50 Cent is an ambassador of Effen Vodka. Since the beginning of their feud, 50 Cent has made the most of every opportunity to take a shot at Puff Daddy. According to HipHopDx, 50 Cent took a dig at Puff Daddy when he visited a Scottsdale club in Arizona.

50 Cent Throws Shade At Puff Daddy Over Lack Of Hits https://t.co/1lNR1QEwiH

— 50 Cent Update (@50CentUpdate) July 29, 2016

A video clip posted on Instagram showed 50 Cent asking the crowd to name at least one hit single that Puff Daddy has produced in recent times. The “In Da Club” singer even challenged the crowd to look up the answer on Google. 50 Cent’s question served the purpose of reminding people that Puff Daddy’s music is fast becoming irrelevant in recent times. In fact, “Finna Get Loose” was the last Puff Daddy song that reached up to the 44th rank on the Billboard R&B/Rap song charts in 2015. Moreover, Puff Daddy produced the song in collaboration with Pharrell. The only Puff Daddy song that reached the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 was the 1997 hit “I’ll Be Missing You.”

By throwing the challenge to the crowds at the Scottsdale club, 50 Cent aimed to show the dwindling influence of the music veteran who is listed in the Number 22 position on the Forbes list of the highest-earning celebrities. In comparison, 50 Cent has hits like “In Da Club,” “21 Questions,” and “Candy Shop” that have climbed up to the Number 1 position. Additionally, 50 Cent has also collaborated with the likes of Eminem and Adam Levine to create singles that have featured in the Hot 100.

50 Cent has dabbled in various fields to leave his mark as a talented and successful entrepreneur. Now, the “Candy Shop” singer has put his name forward to join forces with Matt LeBlanc to save the popular Top Gear show from extinction after Chris Evans, the show’s other host, bowed out. The 41-year-old rapper, who is a big fan of the show, feels that the quality of the show has gone downhill ever since Chris Evans took charge as one of the lead hosts. Earlier, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond were sacked only to be replaced by Chris Evans, who has since left the show in the lurch after resigning due to the show’s poor ratings.

In 50 Cent’s opinion, he can get the program back on the right tracks. However, the “Candy Shop” singer is willing to jump in to save the iconic show only if BBC offers him a mega-money deal. According to Channel 24, 50 Cent spoke about how costly it will be to hire him to save the famous program.

“I would love to work on Top Gear, I could save that show for sure… but it would cost them! There ain’t a car I haven’t owned over the years. My car collection is as good as anybody’s.”

Recently, the enthusiastic 50 Cent also volunteered to feature in a skit that was arranged by television host Conan O’Brien to satirically depict the hype surrounding the rumors of a possible Star Wars Trilogy spin-off. 50 Cent joined celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler to put their creativity skills to the test. 50 Cent arrived in full Han Solo attire to put up his best act.

However, the “In Da Club” singer became agitated when the director turned him down several times during the course of the humorous skit. According to Vibe, a visibly frustrated 50 Cent spiced up the skit’s humor by making a statement in his signature, somewhat aggressive style.

“Man, what the f*** you want me to do. Tell me what you want.”

[Photo by Carl De Souza/Getty Images]