Was Kelly Dodd Rebuffed Early For Nasty Racist Comments By Other ‘Real Housewives?’

Sure, it’s always good for ratings for Bravo to cast someone controversial, but when someone shows themselves to be a racist before the first show airs, maybe it’s time to cut your losses.

Kelly Dodd of Real Housewives of Orange County seems to have no filter, and that’s fine when it comes to telling it like it is, but it’s another thing when you are spreading hate, beyond the little cocoon of Orange County.Kelly Dodd, who is Hispanic, was caught on videotape making racist comments about “black guys.”

It’s like that old saying, if this is what Kelly Dodd says in public, how horrific are the things she says in private? And after she was caught in the press, Kelly Dodd apologized, but how can saying “I don’t like black guys” be a misunderstanding?

Kelly Dodd might seem a bit dopey, but she quickly figured out that commiserating with Vicki on RHOC was a quick way to more screen time, according to the Inquisitr. And sure, Kelly and Vicki seems to have a lot in common, as Vicki was with Brooks, and Kelly likens her husband to Hitler. Early on, Kelly gave off the air of an opportunist, shrugging off her “friend” Meghan to go after big attention as Vicki’s new sidekick.

It’s nothing new that Bravo and the Real Housewives franchise hiring women who seem to have a love of day drinking, but they don’t seem to be necessarily hateful. All About the Tea reported that new RHOC housewife Kelly Dodd opens up a big can of ugly racism outside of The Nice Guy with a cameraman. Kelly Dodd was visibly drunk and slurring when she told the cameraman, tape rolling, that she didn’t know any black guys, and she didn’t like black guys. After the tape was posted online, and Kelly Dodd presumably sobered up, she backed down from her comments, and gave an apology that was likely Bravo encouraged, and maybe even Bravo written.

“I am truly embarrassed. There is no excuse for bad behavior or comments that offend anyone. That video does not represent who I really am and I apologize for acting irresponsibly.”

Reality Tea says that even before the new season of RHOC aired, Heather Dubrow foreshadowed that Kelly Dodd was not someone she wanted as a friend, and went public saying that anyone who would say such things is no friend of hers. Kelly Dodd seems to spend a lot of time apologizing for things she says while drunk, but she hasn’t gone back on saying that she “doesn’t care about her husband, and has her MBA” which she thinks is funny, and says it stands for “Married But Available.” Instead of laughing around Kelly, people are cringing.

Someone from TMZ caught up with RHOC Heather Dubrow at LAX, and played her the tape of Kelly Dodd telling the world that she doesn’t like “black guys,” and she had a visceral reaction.

“I think it’s safe to say that racism of any kind is not okay. I’m a mother of four children and I’m a human being – there’s no place. Anyone who uses racial slurs or has racism of any kind has no business in my life or anyone that I know’s life.”

It’s like that Oprah Winfrey saying that when people show you who they are, you should believe them,

But even though Kelly made her formal, official, perhaps Bravo-written apology, it didn’t take long for her to undo any good it did by suggesting that she couldn’t possibly be a racist because she is Mexican. She was born in the United States of a Caucasian mother, so fans can assume that Kelly made a faux pas and meant of Mexican heritage.

“This is so stupid… of course I’m not racist. I repeated the question they asked me and they asked me if I date black guys and I said I don’t know any black guys. I’m sick of people pulling the race card!! I’m Mexican and I don’t pull that crap!”

It’s unclear what being “Mexican” has to do or not do with the race card or pulling crap, but that statement on Instagram sounded more like the Kelly Dodd fans have seen on RHOC than the cover-her-butt statement she shared previously.

But the snubbing of Kelly Dodd hasn’t ended for Heather Dubrow, who, when asked if RHOC should says bye bye to Kelly, she didn’t mince words.

“I’m not Bravo. I can’t make those kinds of decisions. All I can say is, anyone who is a racist would not be welcome in our life.”

But Reality Tea says that Kelly Dodd can’t seem to take a hint that Heather Dubrow thinks she’s not worth her time on RHOC. Instead of just perhaps taking a hint, Kelly decided to fan the flames, and call Heather a four letter c-word on camera. Heather publicly has said she wasn’t going to put any money on Kelly Dodd’s marriage lasting.

“As far as I’m concerned, most things are forgivable. But to compare your husband to Hitler? I’m not sure how you recover from that one.”

This additional side drama can only encourage the ratings for this season of RHOC, but it’s unclear whether Kelly Dodd can possibly stick around for a second season.

Do you think that Kelly Dodd should have been fired from RHOC after her drunken racist rant?

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