‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Players Picked, Have-Not Food Arrives, And Chaos Erupts In The ‘BB18’ House After Victor’s Nomination Speech

What’s happening in the Big Brother 18 house on Saturday, August 6? The spoilers tease that the BB18 house is getting ready for the Power of Veto (POV) competition to begin. Nicole Franzel worries that her panic attack last night could have put a target on her back. Michelle Meyer feels desperate to win the POV after the current Head of Household (HOH) nomination speech left her convinced that she is the intended target for the week.

Yesterday, Victor nominated Michelle and Zakiyah Everette for eviction. He’s made it no secret that he hopes that Zakiyah goes home because he feels Michelle could be a number for him. Paulie Calafiore apparently does not want Zakiyah to go home because she follows his lead, which could further his Big Brother game. He realizes that she could also put his game at risk with her unpredictable emotional outburst and jealousy streak.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul Abrahamian wants to send Zakiyah home to break the tie between Paulie. It looks like the players are ready to start targeting the couples–Paulie and Zakiyah, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, and James Huling and Natalie Negrotti.

Victor, Michelle, Zakiyah, James, Paulie, and Nicole will play in the POV competition this afternoon. Michelle knows that she needs to win the challenge to guarantee her life in the Big Brother house. Michelle believes that she is the target, and if she doesn’t pull off a win, she will be sent to the jury house if she isn’t holding the “round trip card.”

Big Brother Network reports that Zakiyah seems to believe that her relationship with Paulie will protect her from eviction. She has stated that she thinks that he will either save her with the Veto or will make sure she doesn’t go home on Thursday. What Zakiyah isn’t aware of, he may have no other choice but to vote her out if that’s what the BB18 house wants.

The Have-Nots food arrives, and it is corn beef and hash. The Have Nots this week are the first three players that dropped in the last HOH competition: James, Bridgette, and Corey. Online Big Brother reports that in addition to the corn beef and hash, the Have-Nots have access to all the slop that they can stomach this week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that the BB18 house is in chaos with anxiety about Victor’s real plans, especially after James received the Care Package that could nullify two votes on the first eviction of the double eviction. James reassures Natalie that she isn’t going home, and she has no reason to believe that she could be a backdoor option this week.

Natalie tells Michelle that she isn’t sure if James would consider using the POV on her if he wins today. Big Brother 18 spoilers hint that Natalie tells Michelle she will talk to him and gently suggest that keeping her is a good idea.

“If I win the Veto I’ll definitely blow stuff up and hopefully, I have a round trip.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James laughs that he is not winning this POV comp because he’s throwing it. He tells Natalie that he doesn’t “need” the stress of being the one in control of someone’s Big Brother game. He feels the best thing to do is to throw it, so he doesn’t have to show any of his cards.

The BB18 house is waiting for the POV competition to begin and then the weekly plans can be made. Victor doesn’t want the nominees Michelle or Zakiyah to win the challenge, so he isn’t forced into naming a replacement nominee.

Big Brother 18 fans, will Victor make a power move this week with James’s advantage in the game? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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