With Corey Lewandowski’s Help, Jeff Zucker Has Officially Killed The Legitimacy Of Mainstream News

Thanks to the unrestrained absurdity and the vicious trolling of the Donald Trump campaign, after over nine-months to a year of it, we’ve seen it give birth to a once unknown Corey Lewandowski, who it raised and released into the world. Now that he’s been hired by CNN, he can now use the network as his massive broadcasting megaphone; America has to deal with him.

Corey Lewandowski and CNN both seem to know of his potential to boost ratings, and thus far, he’s been able to hit the ground running, such as when he got into a heated exchange with city councilwoman Christine Quinn when he tells her not to touch him on live television, according to the New York Post, during a debate where they were talking about Khizr Khan.

Donald Trump’s campaign has been said to lash out at Muslim communities over widely reported terrorist attacks, where he has said that he wants to turn away Syrian immigrants as part of his platform. Many feel that this platform has made Khan, a Muslim and a lawyer out of Virginia, who received a Gold Star for the death of his son in the Iraq war, a target.

This was around the time that the tit-for-tat responses between the Khans and the Trump campaign started, where Donald Trump attempted to put the Khans in a bad light by saying that they were coerced by the Clinton campaign when the Khans stood on stage at the Democratic National Convention in mid-July, where Khizr Khan made a historic speech slamming Trump with the Constitution.

Khizr Khan challenges Donald Trump with the Constitution.

The debate continued between the two parties, causing many to feel that it did nothing to improve Donald Trump’s campaign, but it’s certainly one of many debates that’s adding more value to Corey Lewandowski’s career as he’s willing to continue to carry the torch for Donald Trump.


But a recent report also says that Corey Lewandowski made an effort to spotlight birtherism, in another attempt to resurrect the argument that President Obama was not born in the U.S., attempting to “reveal” a conspiracy that he was born in Kenya.

It seems that a lot of Donald Trump has rubbed off on Corey Lewandowski as it was Trump who was leading the birtherism trend years ago from the beginning of Obama’s presidency, even promising to get to the bottom of it himself.

Corey Lewandowski resurrects the Birther argument.

One of the reports about his birtherism effort also refers to why he got hired and how many were against him getting a new position at CNN, the one standing by the decision is Jeff Zucker, who is the chief of the network, saying that other networks wanted him and were willing to pay top-dollar to get him, right after he was fired from the Trump campaign.

He hasn’t completely been fired however because it’s been revealed that he is still on the Trump campaign payroll, which CNN’s Jeff Zucker appears to be fine with according to his interview with Variety.

“The reason we hired Corey is that now that we are in the general election, I think it’s really important to have voices on CNN who are supportive of the Republican nominee. It’s hard to find a lot of those.”


Before American audiences have to endure the onslaught of Corey Lewandowski’s view of the world, CNN staffers still have to deal with him first, before he’s even mic’d and the feed is broadcast.

After Corey Lewandowski was hired, Page Six did what it does best and got some CNN insiders to reveal that they were planning a revolt against Lewandowski, which did not appear to happen after all.

Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) published an article on Zucker’s decision, where he slams other news services such as Buzzfeed and VICE News, saying that his network is crushing them.

It’s not even entirely America’s fault that we feel compelled to watch this “train wreck” as there are plenty who can’t help but watch.

The views of his involvement at this point seem to point out the obvious, that Donald Trump’s platform, absurd spin of misinformation, and determination to sabotage the proven and well-established mindset, has fully been absorbed by CNN and disguised as a view that few people get to see. Which isn’t doing the news media any favors, because now, thanks to Corey Lewandowski, he’s the final nail in the coffin of legitimate news.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]