‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ Finale — Johnny Bananas Goes Rogue, Inside His Shocking Decision [Spoilers]

Johnny Bananas’ reputation took a major hit following the season finale of The Challenge: Rivals III.

During the highly anticipated end of Rivals III, the winning team was given the difficult choice of either splitting the winnings or allowing one team member to take it all.

For Bananas, his shocking decision turned a moment of victory into one of heartbreak.

According to MTV, the final three teams – which were comprised of two former enemies – had to work through a number of different checkpoints to determine who would win the $275,000 grand prize.

Once a team won the competition, the leading team member in points was given the decision to split the winnings with his/her partner or not.

Through the final series of challenges, Bananas and his teammate, Sarah Patterson, began to take a commanding lead over the other two teams.

Unfortunately for Patterson, Bananas started to build a lead of his own as the finale wore on. While Patterson got nervous that Bananas would take the cash for himself, he assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

“If anyone has to worry about anyone f**king anyone over, you’re the one that’s done it in the past, not me,” Bananas told her.

In the end, Bananas and Patterson edged out Vince and Jenna and Cheyenne and Devin for first place.

According to International Business Times, the second and third place teams decided to split their winnings, which only gave Patterson hope that Bananas would follow their lead.

“Not only does being in first place feel good, but the whole time up he’s supporting me, I’m supporting him,” she told the cameras. “I’ve never had a partner that reassured me so much. That had my back in the game so much. We did this together.”

Johnny Bananas and Sarah Patterson celebrated their win before he turned on her. [Image via MTV]

Despite his assurances, Bananas ultimately decided to keep The Challenge: Rivals III grand prize all to himself and leave Patterson empty handed.

While many fans questioned Bananas’ decision, he did offer an explanation on why he didn’t want to split the cash.

“It’s very rare in life that you have certain moments that can literally change the course of your life. I’ve dedicated nine years of my life and 13 challenges. I don’t know how many I’ve got left in me of these,” Bananas explained.

He went on to thank Patterson for helping him win and claims that he holds no grudges against his former enemy.

“Sarah was an amazing partner. I could not have done it without her. As far as our rivalry is concerned, I consider that completely dead. There is no spite there’s no malice towards her. But I need to look after myself and invest in my future, so I’m going to go ahead take the money and run.”

Patterson was understandably distraught by Bananas’ decision and broke down in tears after the announcement.

“I worked so hard,” she told Bananas, unable to hold back the tears. “I thought we were friends.”

“I just feel like such a fool,” she later conceded. “You make me sick.”

According to International Business Times, Patterson’s distaste for Bananas was on full display during the MTV reunion show.

'The Challenge: Rivals 3' Cast Finally Tries To Take Down Johnny Bananas, Plus Is MTV Hiding Violent Footage? [Image via MTV]

Not only was Patterson still upset with her partner for taking all the money, but she accused him of using drugs to help win. She even claims that MTV knew about the drugs and fined Bananas $5,000.

Of course, the network denied the allegations about drug use and Bananas answered back with a few words for Patterson.

“Lose with class, man,” he told her.

In response, Patterson lashed out at everyone on set and raised doubts about her co-star’s mental health.

“This isn’t real,” she stated. “These people are out of their fricken minds. They need therapy.”

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[Image via MTV]