‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Zakiyah Seductively Probes Paulie For Information, Nicole Has Panic Attack, Natalie Declares Allegiance To Girls And Disdain For Corey [Spoilers]

On Friday August 5, Big Brother 18 live feeds featured houseguests processing eviction nominations made earlier in the day, while trying to determine where they stand in the game.

As such, Zakiyah Everette questioned Paulie Calafiore about her safety in the game, Nicole Franzel became overly anxious, and Natalie Negrotti swore allegiance to the women of the Big Brother 18 house, while revealing she can't stand Corey Brooks.

Joker's Updates live feed spoilers revealed the Week 7 Head of Household (HOH) is Victor Arroyo, who nominated Zakiyah and Michelle Meyer for eviction, a move that was undoubtedly orchestrated and controlled by Paulie.
Zakiyah, concerned for her safety, attempted to probe Paulie for any information he had about her nomination and to find out whether she is this week's target. According to Joker's Updates, at about 8:49 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, she did so by laying on top of Paulie in the backyard hammock.
TV Grapevine reports Paulie had his legs spread like a "frog" and Zakiyah was inside of them as she faced him "with her legs under his armpits." Paulie told Zakiyah he doesn't know if she's safe, but that Paul Abrahamian would have the inside scoop about her nomination because Paul and Victor are close. Zakiyah relayed to him that Michelle plans to go out with a bang if she's evicted and blow up a number of cast member's games in the process.
Zakiyah's comment piqued Paulie's interest and he quickly summoned Paul to the hammock to tell him.
Several hours later, Paulie spoke to Paul privately, clearly pushing for Michelle to be voted out of the Big Brother 18 house this week. According to Joker's Updates, Paulie is concerned Paul is dead set on evicting Zakiyah and has convinced Victor of the same.
Despite Paulie feigning innocence and knowledge about Zakiya's ultimate fate in the game, Zakiyah was not fooled one bit by him. During a conversation with Michelle, Zakiyah told her Paulie likely "convinced Victor" to put her on the chopping block. According to Joker's Updates, Michelle agreed, saying she too thinks Paulie is lying about what he knows, "hands down."
As Friday night turned into Saturday morning, the game appeared to get to Nicole, who proclaimed she was anxious. Joker's Updates reports at around 2:13 a.m., after discussing the game with her showmance Corey, including Michelle may reveal their game if she's sent packing, Nicole walked into the backyard apologizing to Corey for being "sassy." She told him she was experiencing an "anxiety attack," but didn't want to reveal it to the others, and simply needed to calm down.
Corey accompanied Nicole into the Big Brother 18 house where she explained to James Huling, who was in the kitchen area, what was happening. According to Joker's Updates, Nicole revealed she felt as though she was going to black out.
Earlier in the evening James and Natalie lay in bed, having an in-depth discussion about the game, in which Natalie pondered why all the women in the Big Brother 18 game seem to be turning on one another. Although she adamantly denied being a feminist, Joker's Updates reports, Natalie said she is about "girl empowerment" and thinks the women in the house should support one another.
According to TV Grapevine, Natalie said there was an all-female Big Brother 18 alliance that Nicole was part of, but now she believes Nicole is playing a dirty game and probably told Corey about the alliance. She noted once having a long conversation with Nicole, in which she told her she was a girl's girl and had her back. From her statements it is clear Natalie no longer trusts Nicole.
Natalie then let loose on Corey, telling James that Nicole's showmance partner is a "girl gossiper" and runs to the men in the house with everything he's heard about the female houseguests, TV Grapevine reports. Natalie continued speaking negatively about Corey, saying he "is not a nice person… makes faces behind her back, and does not have a good heart." Natalie also instructed James to keep it to himself if he hears Corey make another comment about her, unless it is threatening, because what she doesn't know won't hurt her.
Natalie's comments are intriguing, as just weeks ago the Inquisitr reported that Corey privately told Nicole that Natalie was flirting with him, and revealed to him she didn't like James at all. Corey claimed he felt awkward about telling James because he didn't want to hurt James' feelings.

Whatever the case may be, it appears Natalie is completely on James' team now, which could possibly aid her in making it far in the game.

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