WWE News: Randy Orton Has Wellness Policy Strike Removed After Spending Time In A Drug Rehab Center

WWE Superstar Randy Orton just got back from a shoulder injury and surgery. Fans are happy to see him return as it has not truly been the same without The Viper present. He will take on Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam later this month, and many fans are already thinking the match will be big for WWE. The rivalry has already gotten heated with Randy hitting an RKO on Lesnar this past Monday on WWE RAW, while Lesnar returned the favor by hitting an F-5 on Orton this past Tuesday on WWE SmackDown.

Orton missed a lot more time than people thought he would. It was widely assumed that WWE kept him out longer than needed simply because they didn’t have a role for him yet and wanted to bring him back when they did. SummerSlam build-up time seemed like the perfect situation to bring him back. However, Randy Orton was by no means doing nothing when he was away from the WWE. He actually had quite a productive time away.

According to Ringside News, it appears that Orton had his one remaining strike removed off the Wellness Policy. Orton had failed two drug tests in his career and managed to work one off of his record. This would be the second. He did it by spending time in a drug rehab center.

Orton Heyman Lesnar

Under the guidelines of the policy, this is a way to remove a strike for those who failed. Orton by no means had some sort of drug issue that put him in a center. This was really just a way to help get a strike off of his record. Since he had time to spend, it was a very productive time away for The Viper. All of this was done on top of his marriage and shoulder rehabilitation. He and his wife announced recently that they are expecting their first child together. That said, Orton certainly spent his time away very wisely. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is said to be quite happy with Orton at this point.

The reason really has to do with the new attitude Orton has. He is said to be a lot more focused and motivated, which has been an issue for the 12-time World Champion in the past. Orton is also well known for his anger problems that really derailed his main event use at times, as Vince felt that Orton was being childish.

Randy Orton was always a guy WWE loved and thought the world of due to his amazing potential. He has certainly lived up to everything WWE hoped he would be. The only issue was his attitude on the way to the top, which may have hurt him just a bit.

Heyman Lesnar Orton RAW

It is being said that Vince could not be happier with Orton and his performance so far since he returned. Orton returned with a very hot promo at WWE Battleground and has had one official match with WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz since he returned where Miz ruled the match until an RKO out of nowhere beat him.

The only other match Orton had was interrupted by Lesnar. It is being noted that Orton is most likely going to win at WWE SummerSlam. The reason is kind of political as the WWE locker room and many fans are upset with WWE’s use of part-time stars and the Wellness Policy. WWE told TMZ that part-time stars are not subject to the Wellness Policy, which is why WWE did not suspend or take any action against Lesnar when he failed two drug tests done by the USADA before his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

The win for Randy Orton at SummerSlam is rumored to be WWE’s way of punishing Lesnar, mainly because it’s the only way they can really do so. It also shows the fans, as well as the locker room, that they know the issue and listened to the uproar. On top of all of this, it can surely help Orton a lot. Lesnar will be gone for a number of months while Orton will be on SmackDown each week. A big win for The Viper can put him in line for a WWE World Championship shot in the future, which gives SmackDown a big leg up.

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