WWE News: Huge Update On Vince McMahon Possibly Wanting Finn Balor To Take Top Guy Role From Roman Reigns

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has made a huge impression on the WWE since his arrived to the main roster a few weeks back. As one of the first-round draft picks for WWE RAW by Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, it seems that the GM and Commissioner expected a lot of the fifth overall pick. Coming out of WWE NXT, people expected Balor to deliver. However, no one expected him to get a shot at the new World Title for the WWE, called the WWE Universal Championship.

While quite a cheesy name, it is a first-time title. This is not something WWE brings in very often, especially when it comes to a World Championship. Even when they brought the WWE Undisputed Title into play, it was only after merging the WWF and WCW World Titles due to the lack of need for two. Eventually WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship would return and the rest was history when it came to the World Titles.

Now WWE has decided to bring a brand new World Title in and will give Finn Balor a shot at it within his first month of being part of the main roster. He will take on Seth Rollins for the title at WWE SummerSlam later this month. This is a huge situation for both men, but maybe more so for Finn Balor. Various rumors have Finn Balor winning the championship, but this is being done for very particular reasons.

Balor Rollins

According to Daily Wrestling News, it is said to be Vince McMahon’s decision to give Balor the championship at this point. While plans could always change, as Vince does that a lot, he does seem pretty set on Balor at this point. McMahon has been really high on Balor for some time and even wanted to bring him up to the main roster as recently as early last summer.

He was destined to do just that, but various things got in the way. Sami Zayn was headed to the main roster, but was injured his first night on WWE RAW before his match with John Cena. This meant WWE had to bring someone up to take his spot, and the company decided on Kevin Owens, the current NXT Champion at the time. Hideo Itami also went down to an injury, which he just got back from recently.

With three men down on NXT, Triple H wanted to keep Balor down in NXT to help the roster there and McMahon ultimately agreed. Balor was then the subject of several rumors and start-stop chances for debuts on the main roster. WWE and McMahon had thought about bringing him up a few times before he actually debuted.

Baloe Reigns

The move now for McMahon is to use Finn Balor as much as possible. Triple H is a huge fan of Balor, obviously, and feels that he could be a huge star for WWE, which only makes the NXT brand look better. Basically The Game feels that Finn Balor’s success is also NXT’s success due to the fact that the Irish grappler will forever be synonymous with his NXT career.

Top WWE officials are also happy with Balor and feel his work thus far has been very good. It is being said that those who matter are impressed, which is what truly counts. They hope he’ll turn into a big star with the fans.

Vince was originally going to go with Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the Universal Title, but Reigns’ suspension got in the way. Interestingly, the idea for the triple threat at WWE Battleground was always the same, with Dean Ambrose pinning Reigns. However, it was not until that Monday that Vince decided to go with Finn Balor over Reigns in the win, resulting in Balor going to SummerSlam to fight for the title.

McMahon has been down on Reigns as of late, but he was souring on him well before the suspension even happened. Those within WWE willing to talk claimed that Reigns’ suspension could not have come at a worse time for him. Due to all of this, DWN notes that Vince has been open to seeing if others can get over better with the fans and possibly become a new candidate for the top guy role.

Balor Reigns RAW

Vince feels that Finn Balor may fit for the role and interestingly had him look stronger than originally planned when he beat Reigns on WWE RAW. The original finish was going to have Balor duck a superman punch and beat Reigns with a seemingly lucky roll-up. Instead of this occurring, the plan was changed to Balor hitting his finisher, the coup de grâce, on Reigns to look strong.

The theory among many at this point is that due to the fact that Vince has been sold on Finn Balor for some time now and already seems into him on the main roster, it could mean that Balor becomes the possible replacement for Reigns as top guy over most anyone else. While Seth Rollins could fit this more than anyone, Vince really wants to keep Rollins a heel and feels he could become one of the top the WWE has ever had. That said, Finn Balor would make sense more than Rollins in the eyes of Vince. With fans already backing Balor, this might be a move that works out far better for the WWE than Roman Reigns ever could have.

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