Kate Middleton Rumors: Report Claims Prince William And Duchess Kate Taking Over The Throne As Queen Elizabeth II Steps Down

Kate Middleton is rumored to be in line for a giant promotion — all the way to the throne of England.

A new report claims that Queen Elizabeth II is planning to step down, and Prince Charles is giving up the throne in favor of Prince William and Duchess Kate. The report from OK! Magazine claims that Buckingham Palace is planning a “$100 million coronation” for the couple as they make the unusual step of second-in-line behind Prince Charles directly to the throne.

“When the Queen passes the baton, it will be to William and his wife Duchess Kate,” a source told the magazine (via the International Business Times).

The source added that Prince Charles made the decision to hand off the throne to his oldest son, where he believes the monarchy will be in solid hands.

“If letting William and Kate become the next king and queen is what it takes to cement the future of the monarchy, he’s willing to sacrifice his own turn on the throne,” the source claimed.

The source went on to claim that Queen Elizabeth II is ready to step down from the rigors of her royal duties and is leaving it up to Duchess Kate if she wants the job. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly has a very close relationship with Kate Middleton and a lot of faith that she can handle the duties of being Britain’s monarch.

“The Queen told her (Kate) personally that this decision is almost entirely due to her — which of course brought her to tears!” the source claimed. “Their coronation will be the event of the century.”

There is a bit of odd timing to the report that Kate Middleton will be taking over as Queen of England. Within the last few weeks, other reports have emerged that Duchess Kate and Prince William have hit a rough patch in their marriage and may be retreating to France in the hopes of making things right again.

For the couple, the stories of their alleged divorce aren’t really all that new. Kate Middleton has been hit with intermittent divorce rumors as her marriage is a popular topic for celebrity gossip magazines and websites. So far, none of the reports have proven to be true as Duchess Kate and Prince William have remained together and make a number of public appearances together.

But that doesn’t stop the speculation that they may be headed toward divorce, including the most recent report from Celeb Dirty Laundry that claimed the couple jetted away to France for a vacation shrouded in mystery.

“Everything appears to be cloaked in mystery. There were two blacked out Range Rovers waiting for the Royal couple who were quickly transferred into the vehicles out of sight of paparazzi.”

There is plenty of doubt on the Kate Middleton divorce rumors. Gossip Cop, a website devoted entirely to debunking celebrity gossip, said there was absolutely no substance to the rumors that Duchess Kate is headed for a split.

“Basically, the site has nothing to back up its sensational headline about Kate Middleton and Prince William having a ‘marriage crisis’ or ‘relationship issues.’ It has no proof or information from sources. Nor does the webloid apparently have any scruples about making up stories about the royals.”

And Gossip Cop is again stepping up to cast doubt on the report that Queen Elizabeth II is stepping aside and letting Prince William and Kate Middleton take over as King and Queen.

The report claimed that the entire story — right down to the $100 million price tag allegedly connected to the coronation — is all invented, and the third time within the past few months that OK! Magazine has tried to make that claim.

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