‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’ News: Aubrey O’Day Spits In Fellow Cast Member’s Mouth, Gets In Heated Bedroom Fight With U.K. Reality Star

In only a week, the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother 18 house has provided shocking and entertaining moments, and Friday’s episode was full of both.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, American singer Aubrey O’Day received a formal warning from Big Brother Wednesday for spitting in the food and drink of U.K. reality star Stephen Bear during a task.

In the August 5 episode of the series, she engaged in some cringe-worthy behavior again, as Aubrey, Bear, and fellow U.K. housemate Lewis Bloor were seen preparing and eating food in the kitchen area.

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As the three chit-chatted, Aubrey looked at Lewis and said of the stomach-churning incident, “I spit, put it in the jelly, and rubbed it all around… he said it was the best tasting tuna he’s ever had.” Then, carrying a spoonful of food, Aubrey walked over to Bear, who was sitting down, appearing as though she was going to spoon feed him.

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Instead, Lewis and Bear began egging Aubrey on to spit in Bear’s mouth as he opened wide, ready for what was to come. Aubrey, however, told them, “No. I can’t.”

She quickly changed her mind, leaned over Bear, appeared to hold his nose, and then spit in his mouth. After the disturbing deed was done, spittle could be seen dripping from Bear’s tongue as he held it out, chuckling.

Bear told Aubrey as she walked away, “That was kinky, Babe… that was kinky.”

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According to Express, although Aubrey and Bear found this most recent incident a laughing matter, “Aubrey runs the risk of irritating Big Brother again – who was clearly unimpressed with her spitting antics last time.”

After the incident, a stunned Lewis could be heard asking Aubrey about someone watching the show, presumably a boyfriend. Aubrey replied, “No. I’m married,” obviously referring to Pauly D, who, unbeknownst to Aubrey, has reportedly broken up with her.

TMZ reported several days ago that Pauly had split with Aubrey not long after she was sequestered in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house. She clearly has no idea the two are no longer a pair, as she has referred to a “boyfriend” in Thursday night’s episode saying she would get him to beat up Bear, and again made mention she was married on Friday.

Also in this episode, Aubrey and U.K. reality star Marnie Simpson fought over respecting the boundaries of others. The argument began after Marnie defended Bear, who Big Brother separated from other houseguests the night before for inappropriate behavior, which included breaking a mirror and damaging one of the Diary Room doors.

Marnie expressed she believed Bear could control himself, but Aubrey said she “didn’t see a man who could control himself…” and argued, “you all were a little wild last night, straight up.”

Aubrey continued with, “You have to understand… you guys are like young and fun and getting drunk and playing pranks, and then there’s the older group…” that wants their space and to feel safe.

Marnie was confused and told Aubrey she was lost regarding the conversation, to which Aubrey noted, “I can see that.”

Things escalated from there, as Aubrey tried to explain all houseguests must be able to feel comfortable in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house, because of the tight living quarters. Aubrey reiterated that if she enters the bedroom, shared by all cast mates, she is going to be quiet if most of the houseguests are sleeping.

Marnie could be seen getting aggravated, and stated she felt she’d been respectful to others. Aubrey interjected, saying the entire point of the conversation was not to start a “bickering thing,” but her voice seemed to get louder as the women conversed.

Aubrey, in a more aggressive tone, then said, “I’m trying to tell you there is a whole house of people and everybody has their personal space.”

Marnie sat up in bed and began screaming, “I’m not arguing with you… you’re starting an [expletive] argument… what have I done?”

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Aubrey told Marnie she was being “hyper-emotional” and said, “calm down,” at which point Marnie furiously jumped out of bed, stormed out of the room, and continued to yell about Aubrey as she walked away.

In response, Aubrey pulled the covers over her head and lamented, “…My God. I can’t.”

It should be noted that Grant Bovey, who, as reported by the Inquisitr prior, shared a task-related kiss with Frankie Grande, was evicted Friday.

In addition, at Big Brother‘s bidding, Bear was voted by his fellow housemates to be cursed with perpetual nominations, meaning he will be up for eviction each and ever week he is in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house.

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