Global Force Wrestling Champ Nick Aldis, AKA Magnus, Says TNA Is Hurting GFW

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) Global Champion Nick Aldis (aka Magnus in TNA) appeared on the most recent episode of You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen.

During the approximately one hour, 15 minute conversation, Aldis discussed the state of Global Force Wrestling and the cause-and-effect that TNA is having on hopes for a TV deal.

While Aldis acknowledged that GFW, the Jeff Jarrett-owned wrestling promotion, was working with the creative mind behind Spartan Race and American Ninja Warriors in the hopes of getting a show on live TV soon, networks are reluctant to give the green light.

“I think a lot of networks are gun-shy after what happened with TNA,” Aldis said, referencing the fall of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from Spike TV to its current low-rated programming on Pop.

“I was on TNA when it was a crown jewel of Spike TV, and I feel like I was a pretty significant part of that. Then through mismanagement and a few failed relationships along the way, it deteriorated to where it is now.”

Going back to the early 2000s, Aldis also believed that TNA’s problems started with WCW and the AOL-Time Warner merger. After the popular national promotion shuttered its doors, networks were left thinking they would never be able to produce programming that could compete with the WWE.

Aldis is right that no serious competition has been able to step up to the plate since that time. In fact, the WWE of today has a hard time competing with its older self in the ratings department, often drawing around a 2.3 television rating, according to WhatCulture, which averages out to around 3 million viewers.

Compare that to the late 1990s and early 2000s when the so-called “Monday Night Wars” between WCW and WWE were in full swing and both programs were hitting 5.0s and 6.0s.

Before the run was over, WWE was even able to produce an 8.0 rating.


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Aldis also had some not-too-flattering words regarding his working relationship with Dixie Carter, characterizing the head of TNA as “nice,” but not a very good businesswoman.

“She’s a wonderful human being — a really great person and very, very sweet. She was always encouraging and positive and genuinely cared for the talent, but part of that was because I had the nuts to state my case as far as my contract was concerned,” he said.

Unfortunately for Carter, she didn’t get the whole “ambitious” thing, the Global Force Wrestling Champ continued.

“Unfortunately she’s suffering from being the daughter of incredibly wealthy parents, and doesn’t have the ‘keep food on the table,’ do-or-die attitude. She is also easily led. A lot of decisions while I was there were made by different people coming in, and saying, ‘Just give me the money and all your dreams will come true.’”

So what do you think, readers?

Does Global Force Wrestling or any current pro wrestling brand have a future against the WWE, or has Vince McMahon pretty much killed all his competition for the foreseeable future? And do you think that wrestling can afford another high-profile national brand? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Global Force Wrestling]