Fridge Marathon Man: Tony Phoenix-Morrison Completes 30th Half Marathons With Fridge Strapped To His Back [Video]

tony the fridge

Running a half-marathon is a pretty big challenge for most people. Running the race with a fridge strapped to your back? It doesn’t even seem possible. But Tony Phoenix-Morrison has completed the feat 30 times.

Phoenix-Morrison, who earned the nickname Tony The Fridge, completed his 30th half marathon with a fridge strapped to his back last weekend.

According to Travelers Today, Morrison, 48, ran the Great North Run from Newcastle, UK to South Shields 30 times in 30 days. He covered a distance of over 390 miles and did it all with a fridge strapped to his back.

So Why? Why would anyone run a marathon with a fridge on their back?

Morrison completed his amazing feat in order to raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, a charity organization that raises money for cancer research. Morison, who drilled a hole in the fridge for people to donate money, raised over £9,000 (about $15000) for the organization. (You can donate to the fridge marathon man here.)

Tony the Fridge said:

“People have been amazing. Every step has been cheered all the way along the run. I’m feeling honoured to be able to carry out this challenge. It represents the daily struggle people with cancer have, and the struggle to fight cancer.”

Morrison is running one last marathon on Monday. He won’t, however, be carrying his fridge. Instead, Morrison will be dressed in honor of Brendan Foster the runner who founded the Great North Run from Newcastle, UK to South Shields.

Morrison said:

“He created this most fantastic occasion, which is like nothing else in the world. Millions and millions of pounds have been raised for charity, a huge amount of people have got fitter because of it, it’s benefited the local economy and enhanced the reputation of the north-east for bring friendly. Brendan is my childhood hero, so to see him waiting for me at the end – top that. I am truly humbled and blessed to have completed the challenge because people wanted me to do it. I had some bad days but along the line there were a couple of rainbows.”

Here’s a video about Tony the Fridge.